Logistics startup, Chazki, acquires TodoVa for no cash and enters Chile

Logistics Startup, Chazki, Acquires Todova For No Cash And Enters Chile Logistics Startup, Chazki, Acquires Todova For No Cash And Enters Chile
logistics startup, chazki, acquires todova for no cash and enters chile

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Contxto – Sometimes, the best approach for a startup to access a new market is by acquiring the on-the-ground experience and infrastructure of another startup. And this happens to be the case with Peruvian Chazki and its acquisition of Santiago-based, TodoVa.

Through this non-cash deal, Carla Rodríguez, TodoVa’s Founder and CEO will now become the Country Manager of Chazki in Chile. Negotiations between the two logistics startups were completed in early February of this year. However, they only recently made the announcement.

This constitutes Chazki’s first acquisition in its five-year run. And in a call, Rodríguez and Chazki’s CEO, Gonzalo Begazo, told Contxto just what made them move forward with the deal. 

Likewise, they shared what the acquisition means for them, their users, and what’s to come.

Chazki in Chile thanks to TodoVa

Logistics startup for last-mile and parcel deliveries, Chazki was already in some of Latin America’s biggest Spanish-speaking markets: Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.

Nonetheless, the ecosystem, market, and growth rate of e-commerce in Chile were impossible for Chazki to ignore, said Begazo. Moreover, the Peruvian startup found the right fit for its businesses in TodoVa’s Founder. It also saw an opportunity in TodoVa’s already-established fleet of deliverers.

For Carla Rodríguez, the acquisition meant the opportunity to sustain itself, grow within its native Chile, and have a more regional impact.

Users of TodoVa’s system will have access to a wider range of products through the Peruvian startup. Meanwhile, Chazki will have access to TodoVa’s software and its spectacular express-delivery service, noted Begazo.

As far as upcoming plans go, with the acquisition all wrapped up, under its new Country Manager’s leadership, Chazki expects to grow in Chile. The startup is also working to raise an investment round and is considering an expansion into Colombia.

Whether it will enter that Latam country through an acquisition or partnerships, is yet to be determined.

3Ps: perseverance, patience, and partnerships

These startups have been working together for over two months now.

“Naturally, through this joint effort, operations in Chile have grown,” noted Begazo.

“I believe we’ve added a little more valuable experience to TodoVa’s day-to-day operations because we’ve been in the business and market for more time. We’ve seen some of the problems TodoVa is experiencing at this point in its life. But we’re also inspired to keep growing through Carla’s vision to lead in Chile, particularly because we [at Chazki] want to become the leaders in all of Latin America.”

No doubt all startups have their share of troubles. But in spite of them, persevering through your vision as a business is one takeaway.

Likewise, all founders know running a startup isn’t easy for which Rodríguez gave some advice:

“Patience and do things right. Opportunities will arise, but it’s a job that requires partners and strategic allies. You can’t do everything on your own.”

So take note: sometimes persevering to survive means asking for help.

It’s never easy. But when has entrepreneurship ever been?

Wanna hear more? We recommend you listen to the following podcast episode: Logística latina. You can find the time stamp available in the description.

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