Meet the 10 Startups Selected by Nestlé México and The Yield Lab LATAM to Drive Sustainability

Discover the 10 innovative startups selected by Nestlé México and The Yield Lab LATAM to tackle key environmental issues like CO2 reduction and water efficiency.
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Nestlé y The Yed Lab apoyan 10 startups de LatAm.

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Nestlé México, in collaboration with The Yield Lab LATAM, has announced the 10 startups selected in their Regeneración by All In initiative. These startups will offer innovative solutions to tackle environmental challenges such as CO2 emissions reduction, promoting a circular economy, and improving water use.

The call for applications, which ran from April 24 to July 31, received a total of 119 submissions. The projects came from various countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Chile, and Peru. Subsequently, 14 finalists were evaluated by a specialized jury in agribusiness.

The selected 10 startups will receive funding to launch pilot tests in the Mexican market. Moreover, they will have the opportunity for long-term collaboration with the Swiss company.

Fausto Costa, Executive President of Nestlé México, stated:

“We are aware that we have a critical responsibility in environmental protection. That’s why we are focused on innovating in the food supply chain. We firmly believe that by joining forces, we can create a substantial positive impact in the world.”

The solutions of the selected startups range from data analysis and artificial intelligence to intelligent resource management and sustainable agricultural practices. Santiago Murtagh, Managing Partner of The Yield Lab LATAM, emphasized that the initiative:

“seeks to actively transform the industry’s value chain, supporting and celebrating the talent of local entrepreneurs.”

Selected Startups:

  • Ainwater: A startup that provides predictive alerts about future conditions at water treatment plants through software, generating specific recommendations and allowing for up to 30% energy savings.
  • Solena: An agtech startup focusing on soil microbiomes to help farmers improve agricultural yields and optimize input costs.
  • Modore: A company that recovers, reuses, and refills packaging in a refill method to reduce plastic pollution.
  • A platform that assists producers and their collaborators in documenting the sustainability story of their crops.
  • Instacrops Inc: Specialists in developing IoT hardware and software for agriculture, integrating various data sources, and using AI and computer vision techniques to compile key crop parameters on a single platform.
  • Agree: A fintech that provides agile and low-risk access to credit for the agricultural sector for purchasing inputs, insurance, and payment of services.
  • Verqos: A company focused on implementing technologies, innovation, and strategies accelerating agricultural innovation.
  • BreakPET MX: A startup focused on solving plastic pollution, generating enzymatic recycling technology that allows the recirculation of all consumed material.
  • microTERRA: Offers low-cost plant protein to feed fish while reducing nutrient pollution in water.
  • MicroCios: [Information not provided.]

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News