Mexican and Colombian startups attend decelerator in Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba

Mexican And Colombian Startups Attend Decelerator In Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba Mexican And Colombian Startups Attend Decelerator In Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba
mexican and colombian startups attend decelerator in quintana roo, decelera mayakoba

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Contxto – We often cover accelerators at Contxto, but what about decelerators? Rather than constantly putting energy into scaling growth and optimizing unit economics, this alternative model encourages entrepreneurs to bask in nature, reflect and potentially restructure as they inch towards success.

On October 18, the world’s first deceleration program Decelera kicked off its first
“techno-sustainable” gathering in Mexico to promote its unique methodology.

Running until October 28 at the Andaz Mayakoba Resort in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba has invited fifteen startups to disconnect from the daily grind and consider the possibility of transformation.

While the majority of startups participating come from the United States, there are four from Mexico and one from Colombia in this latest cohort.

Mexican And Colombian Startups Attend Decelerator In Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba
Source: Decelera Mayakoba press release

In the process, participants will analyze, validate and potentially restructure their business models against the backdrop of the Yucatan Peninsula. Per the deceleration methodology and its emphasis on immersive natural experiences, the group strategically chose Mayakoba to host Decelera’s first Latin American event.

To facilitate this journey, the program’s 25 business leaders will provide one-on-one mentoring and guidance to the lucky 15 startups. With this will also come potential investment opportunities to assist affiliates in achieving sustainable growth.

Decelera Mayakoba Latin American startups

Datlas (Mexico)

Represented by founder Pedro Vallejo Castillo, this startup develops commercial business intelligence platforms that collect data from multiple sources. In turn, collected samples help users detect market opportunities and improve business decisions across various economic sectors.

Futz (Mexico)

This project led by co-founder Vicente Schittek embraces a circular economy model to tackle food waste. Through the app, users connect to restaurants to receive dishes that would have otherwise ended up in the trash. Not only does this create extra income for the establishment but also avoid wasted food expenditure.

Parrot Software (Mexico)

Restaurants and food establishments use Parrot Software’s solution to improve their Points of Sales protocols. Partners include bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food establishments, among others. Co-owner Gustavo Garza will be representing the startup at Decelera Mayakoba.

Liks (Mexico)

Students in both the elementary, middle and high school levels have access to Liks’ platform training the next generation of techies. Specifically, these edtech tools and services focus on robotics, programming, in addition to entrepreneurship.

TOMi.Digital (Colombia)

As one of this batch’s edtechs, TOMI.Digital provides educators with software to streamline administrative tasks. Whether this means grading tests, sharing content, interactive whiteboard, or tracking attendance, there are multiple features on the platform. Juan Manuel Lopera is the founder and co-owner attending the event.

Others participating startups include: (United States)

Leveraging machine learning to make life less hectic for clients, detects and analyzes users’ cardiac pulses. By collecting this data, the adaptive platform offers solutions to improve people’s immune systems, strengthen productivity, as well as decrease stress.

Datasaur (United States)

If you need to effectively label your data, then Datasaur may have a resolution. With machine learning software, the startup develops digital tools for all of your data tagging and organization requirements.

Declarando (Spain)

As the only European startup at Decelera Mayakoba, Declarando offers clients a SaaS specifically for taxes. Functioning as a virtual fiscal advisor, the legaltech particularly caters to Spanish freelancers who often experience complicated tax situations. As a result, Declarando helps them avoid errors, in addition to involuntary tax fraud.

Hoy Health (United States)

Through Hoy Health, users in both the United States and Latin America can receive low-cost medications to treat chronic diseases. On top of this, it also provides a platform for medical professionals.

Moviwear (Canada)

Dedicated to monitoring elderly people’s health, this startup develops wearable devices that integrate some of the most efficient technological solutions. For quality assurance, the technology stays connected remotely by using 4G LTE cellular networks.

Share Yourself (United States)

Open project management meets social commitment over Share Yourself’s platform. Still in the beta phase, it’s reportedly useful for high-impact projects requiring lots of mobilization and organizational efforts among participants.

Sparkir (United States)

Distribution suppliers can better keep track of their sales through Sparkir’s technology. The platform can allegedly help partners boost their sales rate between 15 and 30 percent. All the while, it promotes total transparency between suppliers and buyers.

TracesAI (United States)

Belonging to the security industry, TracesAI creates APIs that can automate video analysis processes. What this means is that its algorithm and cloud technology can rapidly appraise video sequences to identify people.

Ultralytics (United States)

App developer Ultralytics uses AI, artificial vision and “particle physics” to create its products. Its primary customer is the Department of Defense in the United States, in addition to the data intelligence community.

Xchain Technology (United States)

Similar to Monkey Learn, Xchain Technology has designed a text scanner using AI technology. As a result, partners can quickly extract information from texts, barcodes, plus other scanned documents.

Deceleration methodology

Organizers also selected participants from among 327 startups from around 77 different countries. Even though invitees come from a variety of industries such as edtech, foodtech, and security, all of them are also developing solutions for at least one of the 17 sustainability development goals from the United Nations. 

Originating in Menorca, Spain, Decelera is the world’s first deceleration program. Under the mantra of “breath, focus and grow,” the unique event urges companies to substantiate their business models via immersion in nature.

Part of this philosophy means to “disconnect from daily activities that don’t let you think about the strategy and open the mind to creativity,” as stated in a press release. Meanwhile, it’s also a valuable time to strategize with top-notch investors and VC players. 

Mexican And Colombian Startups Attend Decelerator In Quintana Roo, Decelera Mayakoba
Source: Decelera Mayakoba press release

Some of these include high-profile investors and VCs such as Vitaly Golomb from GSD Capital, Prasad Vanga from Anthill Ventures, as well as Eduardo Clavé from DILA Capital.

Tecnológico de Monterrey, RLH Properties and Andaz Mayakoba Rivera Maya Resort and BNext played central roles in planning this event. Google Startups and Twilio will also assist startups throughout the week.


Correction: In the original version, Liks was misidentified as a U.S. startup, when it’s actually based in Mexico. We apologize for the blunder.

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