NotCo expands to Argentina, rumors about new meat-alternative

Notco Expands To Argentina, Rumors About New Meat-alternative Notco Expands To Argentina, Rumors About New Meat-alternative
notco expands to argentina, rumors about new meat-alternative

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Contxto – Following its recent distribution partnership with Brazil’s Grupo Pão de Açúcar, the Chilean foodtech company NotCo is planning to launch in neighboring Argentina.

In Summary

According to iProUP, the first shipment of The Not Company’s mayonnaise is making its way into Argentine stores. Based on these reports, the Chilean company has a manufacturing facility in northern Buenos Aires that produced the batch.

Presumably, the company is seeking to launch a supermarket tasting campaign. Under the slogan of “It’s possible to eat delicious and healthy,” the brand plans to bring its entire line of Food 4.0 products to Argentina this year. These products include NotMayo, NotMilk, and NotIceCream.

The plan is to gradually enter the market. Initially, the Argentine-made NotMayo will display in dieting and naturist stores starting June 10. These will be available at Tienda Veggie branches. Approximately 1,500 units will be sent to stores the same day.


The company is still in talks with Argentina’s largest retailers, which may take some more time to formalize a deal. In the first stage, there will be only Original NotCo, though they’re already testing the product for Garlic and Spicy Mayo. These should be available in the next few months.

NotCo still hasn’t revealed its pricing, but reports expect that the 350-gram bottle will cost around the same price as their Chilean alternatives. Thet price will allegedly start at AR$150, or US$3.34 per unit.

Since its exclusive partnership with Pão de Açúcar to distribute the product across Brazil, the company is already setting its eyes on Mexico and eventually the United States. Currently, Pão de Açúcar distributes NotMayo, NotMilk, and NotIceCream.

Similar to its Argentine plan, Brazil will introduce the NotMayo first, and the milk and ice cream products will be included gradually over the year. This is mainly due to ice cream’s strict requirements for transportation, which must be moved around under proper refrigeration. Nevertheless, Brazil’s strategy is based on import rather than local production, which officials may eventually consider.

According to iProUP, NotCo is not only looking to expand geographically but its product catalog as well. Allegedly, the company is also launching a vegetarian meat product. NotMeat, perhaps? The alternative will reportedly launch in the Chilean, Argentinian and Brazilian markets this year.

“This product will cost us more to change the opinion of the consumer, especially the Argentine,” said co-founder Matías Muchnik, referring to Argentina’s historic bovine production and consumption traditions.


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