NotCo introduces new products for coffee lovers

The club aims to strengthen the link between the company and baristas, through a group that offers exclusive experiences as well as specialized knowledge to professionals.
NotCo created two new products that promise to impact the coffee world: Why Not Barista Club and NotMilk Barista Club. NotCo created two new products that promise to impact the coffee world: Why Not Barista Club and NotMilk Barista Club.

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NotCo, a global foodtech company and a leading reference in plant-based foods, has created two new products that promise to impact coffeeWhy Not Barista Club and NotMilk Barista Club.

According to a survey by Nestlé Professional, 60% of consumers in cafés are trying plant-based milk for the first time. The category is expected to grow by 23% in sales, according to another survey published in October by Scanntech.

The club aims to strengthen the bond between the company and baristas through a group that offers professionals exclusive experiences and specialized knowledge.

Guests will have access to tasting events, sponsored TNTs (Latte Art contests) by the startup itself, a monthly newsletter with content related to the theme, and surprises delivered to participants’ homes.

The expansion of the NotMilk range is one of the latest innovations in NotCo’s portfolio, addressing experts’ concerns about using plant-based milk in more technical preparations.

The product offers a thick and consistent cream, froths both cold and hot, a flavor that doesn’t overshadow the taste of coffee, and versatility for various preparations.

It’s worth noting that the innovation comes in a pure format and three variants: hot (Cappuccino), with Matcha, and cold.

The two launches were officially presented at an exclusive Dela Café in São Paulo event in October. NotMilk Barista could be tasted in three beverages harmonized with food.

Latte Art competition was also held for baristas to showcase their skills, and guests also tried making some combinations during a ‘free bar’ moment.

According to Vanessa Giangiacomo, NotCo’s Marketing Manager, the idea of the presentation was to show baristas that plant-based milk can take center stage in café menus.

“The tasting and the Latte Art challenge were proof that we are on the side of these specialists, whether encouraging them to learn new techniques with the club or launching innovations that meet their demands,” explains Giangiacomo.

She also emphasized that coffee is a national passion. Since the market for plant-based products is constantly growing, these professionals are essential to ensure an innovative and delicious future for the audience.

“They are the ones making decisions when it comes to creating wonderful plant-based options and bringing a good variety of alternatives to lovers of this beloved drink in Brazil, as well as helping people include products without ingredients of animal origin in their daily lives,” says the director.

NotCo, part of the select group of unicorns, is Latin America’s fastest-growing plant-based food technology company and aims to lead the global food revolution.

The foodtech uses its artificial intelligence technology to map the molecular structure of animal protein foods and create original recipes that are 100% plant-based.

These ensure the same taste and texture experience as the favorite dishes of Brazilians, promoting consumption that minimizes environmental impact and is responsible for the ecosystem.

NotCo is the creator of plant-based products such as NotMilkTM, NotCremeTM, NotBurgerTM, NotChickenTM, NotMeatTM, and NotMayoTM.

In Brazil, it has more than 2,000 points of sale. The brand operates in 12 countries: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States, Canada, Peru, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia, and Bolivia.

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