Peruvian Solvi’s educational platform helps students via co-learning

peruvian solvi’s educational platform helps students via co-learning
peruvian solvi’s educational platform helps students via co-learning

Contxto – Chemistry, physics, and mathematics may be a sore spot for many in grade school and beyond. But Peruvian Solvi doesn’t want students to loathe these fields of learning. Therefore, it developed an educational platform to help students find answers and make science and math more accessible for all.

Learning, together

Solvi’s model depends on community-building and user interactions to operate. 

So, for example, if a student is struggling with a math problem, they can sign up for Solvi via Google or Facebook. After doing so, they’re automatically granted 50 virtual tokens. 

The student can use tokens to upload the math problem onto the educational platform. From there, other users can solve the problem. If more personalized help is needed, or a user runs out of tokens, they can sign up for one of Solvi’s paid subscription plans. The most inexpensive one starts at PEN$15 (less than US$5).

As for the users who help solve problems, in exchange for their assistance, they’re rewarded with tokens as well. Accumulate a sufficient amount and a person can trade them for goodies like pizza, movie tickets, and even scholarships.

Meanwhile, Solvi screens the users that aid in solving problems via a quick test. This helps ensure they’re guiding inquirers in the right direction. 

Solvi by the numbers

Luis Felipe Alvizuri, Bernardino Manrique, Fernando Lino, and Franseska Quezada created co-learning solution Solvi in 2018. However, the founders didn’t launch the platform until the final quarter of 2019. 

Since then, the edtech reports on its website to have over 10,000 registered learners. Likewise, around 120 schools and over 50 universities in Peru use the platform. Prep schools also partake in this solution alongside their students.

Looking towards the future, the startup plans to launch more videos and personalized services. It also plans to explore artificial intelligence (AI) templates for the platform.

Besides helping students and making science and math more accessible for all, Solvi is catering to another need. In a world hungry for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) professionals, this educational platform may be training alumni to look at that Baldor book with less dread.


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