Playvox makes its first acquisition: Trainbox

Playvox Makes Its First Acquisition: Trainbox Playvox Makes Its First Acquisition: Trainbox
playvox makes its first acquisition: trainbox

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Contxto – Software startup Playvox made its first acquisition since its 2012 founding. It bought fellow Colombian Trainbox for an undisclosed amount according to an announcement made by the startup in February.

Thanks to the acquisition, Playvox now has full access to Trainbox’s employee training tools.

Correspondingly, work is now underway to integrate Trainbox’s platform into Playvox’s. This will ultimately result in improvements in terms of interactive and personalized content, as well as boosted gamification.

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Making learning fun?

HR people at call centers can attest to the painful reality of high turnover rates. And because training new staff is a costly and tedious task, Playvox wants to improve this experience with dynamic content. Not to mention boost employee’s learning process.

Games and videos as opposed to boring forms may be a better approach. All of this helps to understand Playvox’s motives for buying Trainbox.

But there was more at play with the purchase.

Trainbox’s founders, Angelo Quintero, Luis Álvarez, Juan Carlos Vargas, and Samir Jimenez have joined Playvox’s 90-person team. They’ll be working on projects related to agent learning.

No doubt, Playvox wanted its acquisition’s tech, but also its talent.

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Playvox doesn’t play around

The startup’s founder, Óscar Giraldo may be Colombian but Playvox’s HQ is in none other than Silicon Valley. And it has some big names under its belt including Google and Amazon.

You’d think that with those giants in its portfolio, it’s “made it” in Silicon Valley so now it can kick back and relax. But that’s not the case.

The startup looks to continue aiming high and become a one-stop shop for guiding customer service agents, monitoring quality assurance processes, and measuring team performance.

It’s setting the bar high, or as Pitbull put it:

“Reach for the stars, and if you don’t grab them at least you’ll fall on top of the world.”

Keep reaching, Playvox. Keep reaching, founders.

You too, reader.

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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News