Ride-hailing Pronto pushes for passenger and driver safety

Ride-hailing Pronto Pushes For Passenger And Driver Safety Ride-hailing Pronto Pushes For Passenger And Driver Safety
ride-hailing pronto pushes for passenger and driver safety

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Contxto – A common concern for ride-hailing platform users is passenger safety. And Mexican Pronto wants to take its approach in the matter one step further. 

The ride-hailing startup recently shared with Contxto that it’s rolling out additional features to protect both the driver and passenger. 

Known for its win-win approach to ride-hailing where the driver keeps all the profits, Y Combinator grad Pronto will be deploying additional safety features such as dashboard cameras as well as the integration of its platform with authorities, in case of an emergency.

Although it has yet to define when specifically these perks will be enabled.

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Pronto’s take on ride-hailing

Everyone knows that Uber and Didi drivers earn their dough via a small commission for every trip they make. Although this sometimes leads to dissatisfaction since margins can turn slim depending on the platform’s shifting policies and overall demand, for example.

That’s where Pronto wants to stand out in the crowd.

The startup leases its platform to drivers under a subscription-based model. Meaning, in exchange for paying Pronto a monthly fee, all the earnings from a single trip are for the driver. And since there is no commission in the equation, the startup states this also makes trips more inexpensive.

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Safety first

As for new developments, Pronto told Contxto it’s implemented multiple safety screening features so trips run as smoothly and safely as possible.

It deployed toxicological evaluations for its drivers, so as to filer for the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

Pronto also intends to install dashboard cameras on the vehicles of its subscribed drivers. No doubt to push for greater accountability from both its drivers and passengers.

The cost of these cameras shall be divided between Pronto and the driver. Although there’s no specific date for the launch of this service. Moreover, while the startup is in 22 cities in Mexico, it has yet to determine in which places the dashboard cameras will be procured first.

I know, I know, lots of “to be determined” when it comes to this startup. 

But can you blame ‘em? It’s hard to make plans amidst the uncertainty of a pandemic.

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