SAS Brazil reveals new “Agile AX” analytics program

Sas Brazil Reveals New “agile Ax” Analytics Program Sas Brazil Reveals New “agile Ax” Analytics Program
sas brazil reveals new “agile ax” analytics program

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Contxto – Brazilian startups partnering with SAS Brazil could potentially lower data expenditures by 30 percent with the recently revealed Agile AX initiative.

Earlier this month, SAS Brazil announced the “all-in-one” Agile AX program for Brazilian partners. The purpose is admirable and straightforward – to help up-and -coming companies optimize analytic programs while turning hard data into intelligence.

Budding startups trying to capitalize on analytics will have a whole new pool of resources to pull from. Whether starting from scratch or expanding preexisting programs, this should prompt positive results for industry players.

Sas Brazil Reveals New “agile Ax” Analytics Program

What is Agile AX?

The latest service will create innovation centers at the company’s São Paulo headquarters. Projected to open during Q1, these contemporary quarters will include coworking spaces designed for collaborative exchanges.

This way, participating startups will be equipped to boost skills, solidify infrastructure and obtain the tools to get a project rolling. Partners will also brush up on their analytics knowledge while learning modern approaches to data analytics. These include machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT).

“We want to unburden organizations from the challenges they may encounter during their analytics journeys, which tend to be perceived as resource-intensive when it comes to people, technology and process implementation,” said Bruno Maia, head of innovation at SAS Latin America.

Clients will be able to bring in their use cases and we will deliver actual data analytics proofs of concept in eight weeks while taking away their concerns around scale and availability.

Similar projects may premiere in Mexico and Colombia later this year.

What does SAS do?

Let’s talk superlatives. Founded in 1976, SAS is the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. The firm based in North Carolina provides analytics software to companies across the world.

Specifically, SAS helps smaller holdings identify business opportunities while encouraging action and ensuring strong results via advanced analytics. In layman’s terms, SAS works with companies trying to make better business decisions based on customer, performance and financial data.

In 2018, the international company reported US$3.27 billion in global revenue compared to US$3.24 billion in 2017.


From the sounds of SAS, it’s apparent that the company values teamwork and transparency. I appreciate the enterprises’ mission to give people the “power to know” via data and analytics. Personally, I find this highly respectable and conducive to industry growth.


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