Satellogic launches Global Consortium of Geospatial Imagery with major institutions

Satellogic Launches Global Consortium Of Geospatial Imagery With Major Institutions Satellogic Launches Global Consortium Of Geospatial Imagery With Major Institutions

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Contxto – The Argentine satellite whizzes behind Satellogic recently launched their very own Global Consortium of Geospatial Imagery with major industry players dedicated to the advancement of observing the Earth with the latest satellite technology. 

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Within this consortium are the European Space Imaging that provides geospatial imaging to Europe and North Africa, Eartheye from Singapore that focuses on the Asia-Pacific region, plus 5C1 in Brazil and Colombia representing Latin America.

What can you do with geospatial images?

Following suit, these affiliates can look forward to leveraging Satellogic’s advanced geospatial imaging technology that will be made available to their own customers while also having data readily available to make timely decisions.

Included in this are improved downloading and processing capabilities to assist partners in staying informed about matters ranging from weather monitoring, urban planning initiatives, disaster management, livestock supervision, etc. This may be particularly useful in times of unpredictable changes to the Earth’s ecosystem.

“More than ever before, leaders across industries need up-to-date information to create resilient organizations,” said Satellogic COO, Federico Jack. 

Equipped with the multispectral and hyperspectral images from Satellogic’s software, consortium members can ultimately anticipate having a newfound competitive edge with technology capable of remapping the entire Earth.

“Through the consortium, we will ensure imagery gets into the hands of decision-makers quickly, effectively, and at the right price point, so that governments, as well as enterprises of all sizes, can remain competitive and informed,” said Luciano Giesso, sales director at Satellogic.


The Buenos Aires-based startup is known for its vertical integration, meaning the manner in which Satellogic has manufactured its own spacecraft series accompanied by advanced data processing services. Matter of fact, it was the first company to develop a platform to observe the planet with high-frequency and high-resolution mapping features. 

With numerous satellites roaming out in space, today Satellogic provides invaluable data and imagery to industries ranging from agricultural enterprises to the military that can see for themselves how the world is changing before our eyes.

The Satellogic team consisting of engineers, AI masterminds, and solution specialists estimate that they will have 60 satellites orbiting Earth by 2023. Last month Satellogic launched Hypatia into space in its latest bid to make geospatial imaging more accessible.


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