SeQure Quantum’s Breakthrough in Random Number Generation

The Chilean-Polish startup partners with Thales Group.
O Avanço Da Sequre Quantum Na Geração De Números Aleatórios Quânticos
Sequre Quantum Breakthrough In Quantum Random Number Generation

SeQure Quantum, a Chilean-Polish startup, has innovated in quantum technology by creating a portable device that generates random numbers and cryptographic keys. This quantum random number generator stands out for its unpredictability and invulnerability to hacking, distinguishing it from current code-based technologies. The device also features online authentication and real-time cyberattack detection capabilities, leveraging quantum physics and photon properties.

Established formally in 2019 by researchers Gustavo Moreira and Marcin Pawlowski, the startup has produced five such devices in Chile. Its initial commercial partner is Lotería de Concepción, using this technology for their online gaming. In November, SeQure Quantum forged a strategic partnership with French cybersecurity firm Thales Group and is in talks with the European Union’s defense sector.

Paulina Assmann, CEO of SeQure Quantum and a PhD in Astrophysics, highlights that their generator is a step ahead in the digital world, where traditional cybersecurity measures are still evolving. The device has broad applications, from gaming to data protection.

Investment Rounds:
In 2019, SeQure Quantum secured its first pre-seed investment from Serpel, a subsidiary of the Universidad de Concepción, and won various Corfo projects. This funding, combined with their own capital, enabled them to develop the first prototype with an investment of $200 million.

A second seed investment round in August, initiated in December 2022, raised $1.5 million, with participation from Security group founders Francisco Silva and Ramón Eluchans. They also joined SeQure Quantum’s board this year.

Furthermore, the startup recently won $127 million from ANID’s Startup Ciencia for product development. Currently, they are in a commercial scaling phase, focusing on product sales and considering future investment rounds as needed.

In addition to its partnership with Thales Group, SeQure Quantum is in discussions with other companies interested in enhancing cybersecurity solutions and collaborates with the European Union’s defense sector.

Future Projections:
Assmann shared that SeQure Quantum is finalizing growth projections for January. They are exploring licensing their technology and offering it as a cloud-based Software as a Service, acknowledging that not all customers need the physical hardware. The company anticipates international expansion and robust financial performance, reflecting significant learning and growth in 2023.

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