Start-Up Chile announces 15 startups for 2020 Growth accelerator

Start-up Chile Announces 15 Startups For 2020 Growth Accelerator Start-up Chile Announces 15 Startups For 2020 Growth Accelerator
Startup Chile Growth Startups Accelerator

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ContxtoStartUp Chile announced its first generation of companies for its “Growth” accelerator. Launched in July of this year, the program aims to help more mature startups in Chile scale. 

Besides mentoring and networking opportunities throughout the 12-month acceleration, selected startups are eligible to raise up to CLP$60 million (~US$77,000) in funding.

For its maiden debut, the Start-Up Chile team chose 15 companies who’ve had over US$1 million in sales within the last year and plan to scale into more markets.

Now onto the startups taking the path to scaling through Growth.

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Start-Up Chile 2020 Growth Accelerator

Burn to Give

The B2B startup helps turn registered individuals’ fitness data into a more favorable life insurance policy. If that wasn’t enough, healthy activities are also translated into points to help families in need. The startup had raised US$8.5 million last July. All things considered, it’s no wonder Start-Up Chile wants to feel the scaleup burn with Burn to Give.

Capta Hydro

Humanity’s most valuable resource is water, yet poor management can lead to devastating results for the environment and populations alike. So to help stakeholders better manage irrigation canals, Capta Hydra develops tech to measure water levels and automate canal controls.


Collections meets artificial intelligence with Colektia. The startup boasts that through its product, the process of charging debtors the money they owe is more efficient and comes at a lower cost. Data analytics, predictive modeling, omnichannel communication, this platform is determined to free up collections agents’ time and let the cash flow back in. 


For businesses, registering a new customer can be a tedious hassle. And if it’s not done fast enough, they may lose a sale. But with Güeno, the registration process is streamlined and automated through a chat API.


With everyone working remotely or using their own devices for company affairs, cyber security is becoming a top priority for businesses. And thanks to Hackanoid, enterprises can analyze and control risks as well as prevent attacks. That way, they don’t have to compromise security and employees can keep working in yoga pants. It’s a win-win for everyone.


The only proptech to make the cut, Houm offers a marketplace of properties for rent. To make property owners’ lives easier, the startup’s team takes care of handling tenants and verifying that everything runs smoothly.

Hora Fácil

In Latin America it’s common for people to arrive extremely early to a hospital or clinic and wait in line for their turn to see a healthcare professional. This evidently brings the risk of spreading a disease (like Covid). But with Hora Fácil, clinics can help patients book their appointments as well as gather info on these visits for more data-driven decisions.


Software and IoT developer Instacrops wants to help increase crop yields. Thanks to its system, farmers can harvest data on weather, soil, irrigation, and overall conditions. That way they can act accordingly and avoid having to manually check every plough of land.

D2C startup wants to remove the middleman in the publishing process. Through its platform, journalists and writers can set up their own digital stand to showcase and sell their work. They can even build their community once they’ve hooked readers with their killer content.


Blast off with Rocketbot’s RPA platform. According to the startup, businesses require no background in software development in order to start building their bots. Moreover, companies will likely appreciate the multitude of platforms with which its solution can integrate.


HR startup ServiSenior specializes in connecting businesses with people above the age of 50 looking for a flexible job. Companies can save on paperwork and other bureaucratic processes through the startup’s platform for follow up.

Smart Mining Coach

Smart Mining Coach’s digital assistant specializes in all-things mining. Workers can set goals, keep track of processes, and thus reduce losses for this high-stakes industry. Data integration and predictive analytics will also help companies keep track of their team members.


Crowdsourcing platform Snuuper encourages its network of users to snoop and report on point of sales locations. Thanks to their brownnosing, companies can better understand consumer behavior and obtain valuable insights on their business.


Welivery knows that in e-commerce same-day deliveries are a must-have nowadays. And thanks to its on-demand delivery platform e-businesses can move parcels about quickly and on time so as to keep customers satisfied.


Distributors will find sales and commercial processes are simpler through YOM. Using predictive analysis, the startup can help companies anticipate sales volumes, order stock on time, and even recommend customized discounts for every customer.

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