Firecity alerts users of fires in real-time with IoT

Firecity Alerts Users Of Fires In Real-time With Iot Firecity Alerts Users Of Fires In Real-time With Iot
firecity alerts users of fires in real-time with iot

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Contxto – Leaving home or the office for an extended period of time usually means following certain protocols. Examples include securing windows and doors, disconnecting electronic devices, like PCs, and sometimes letting the neighbors know so they can keep an eye out while you’re gone.

But things can and will go wrong. Fires can take place at any time due to the smallest of oversights.

So, in the spirit of preemptive planning, Peruvian startup Firecity developed a system that connects fire alarms to an app via the Internet of Things (IoT) tech. That way, property owners are notified if something’s amiss.

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Where’s the fire?!

Here’s how it works.

A building is rigged with fire alarms, which in turn are connected to Firecity’s special panels. Meanwhile, these panels are linked to the internet.

When there’s trouble and the smoke detector starts sounding the alarm, the panels pick up on this and send the stakeholder a notification of what’s going on.

Afterwards, the person can confirm whether it’s a real emergency and using the startup’s app, notify firefighters or corresponding authority.

What’s more, Firecity’s app also displays the specific location in which the fire has been detected.

The only major downside with this solution is that stakeholders must rely on third parties who are in, or near the property to confirm if there’s an emergency or not. After which you can call in the firefighters.

So to a degree, that reduces the safety it wants to provide.

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A solution for the industry

No doubt the Peruvian startup’s product is designed for companies and manufacturers, as they’re more likely to have alarms installed in the first place.

Regardless, these types of IoT solutions are greatly needed in areas that are just ticking-time bombs for fires to happen. Or buildings that are a major risk in case of an earthquake.

Because unfortunately, in many parts of Latin America, lax regulations or poor safety compliance lead to fatal results when disaster strikes.

It’s also another reason why business owners and building managers have a major responsibility in deploying the right remedies. Not only to ensure the integrity of their properties but above all else, to protect human lives.

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