Telemedicine startup, Smart Doctor, teams up with Peruvian government

Telemedicine Startup, Smart Doctor, Teams Up With Peruvian Government Telemedicine Startup, Smart Doctor, Teams Up With Peruvian Government
telemedicine startup, smart doctor, teams up with peruvian government

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Contxto – Peruvian telemedicine startup Smart Doctor continues to facilitate access to healthcare consultation, especially regarding coronavirus-related concerns, through its platform. Not too long ago, the startup had enabled free medical consultations for users throughout Peru.

And now Smart Doctor recently announced its partnership with the Peruvian government’s Ministry of Health. As part of their collaboration, the startup has agreed to offer remote triage, consulting, and monitoring of patients infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). Its overall contribution is to oversee that confirmed Covid-19 patients self-isolate.

The startup is also in talks with foreign government agencies, universities, and businesses to explore ways in which its platform can contribute in the fight against Covid-19.

Telemedicine to gain terrain

The pandemic has pushed brick and mortar businesses into the digital world. And by that same token, the bug has also made the use of remote healthcare services go viral.

Perhaps people were reluctant to accept this type of approach before since they “felt better” sitting in front of a living, breathing, doctor, rather than a screen. However, Covid-19 is changing the healthcare landscape as well.

In Latam, these platforms have been flourishing as of late. Many of which consist of chat systems or video conferencing with a medical practitioner. 

However, some startups like Brazilian VivaBem, Chilean AguCare, and Mexican Roomie IT are exploring the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to screen through patients’ symptoms. We can expect similar innovations from the region in the future.

Perhaps healthtechs will emerge using Internet of Things (IoT) tech that can be used by doctors to monitor patients’ symptoms at a distance, for example. There’ve been startups in the US that have developed these types of solutions. Consequently, I’m looking forward to Latam’s adaptation.

And of course, in the future, governments will have to address the legal implications with this type of technology.

But first, they have to make it through the pandemic.

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