Why the world needs more logistics startups like Traz Favela

Why The World Needs More Logistics Startups Like Traz Favela Why The World Needs More Logistics Startups Like Traz Favela
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Contxto – There are plenty of logistics startups buzzing to-and-fro in the big cities of Latin America. However, the outskirts of metropolises aren’t often covered by these platforms—usually because they’re viewed as “unsafe.” But Brazilian last-mile delivery startup Traz Favela doesn’t overlook these communities.

Quite the contrary, it’s centered on completing deliveries to bring these areas into the digital loop.

But knowing there are plenty of parts in Brazil in need of this type of service, Traz Favela is currently raising an investment round to scale.

Why it’s a big deal: The infamous “digital divide” is often portrayed as a matter of developed countries versus developing ones.

However, this problem is more entrenched within each individual country and even within a city. If these subgroups are left unattended, the gap will only further grow and limit access to crucial opportunities, products, and services.

Traz Favela goes where others won’t

Because of misconceptions, many couriers avoid the edges of town or certain neighborhoods with a “bad” rep.

But Traz Favela’s mission is to provide a delivery service with no biases as to locations. One way in which they tackle this problem for example is by hiring local couriers from these areas.

The startup is currently operating in 26 communities in Salvador, Brazil. Moreover, it reports that orders have increased by nearly 300 percent throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

This type of service provides a source of income for deliverers from these particular areas. In addition, it also connects local businesses to potential consumers, thus favoring small enterprises too.

In light of the coronavirus outbreak, users everywhere are relying on delivery startups to obtain medicine, food from their favorite restaurant, even groceries. And when you live within their delivery range, it’s easy to take their services for granted.

However, let’s not forget that that’s not the case everywhere.

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