This startup is combining live stream events with 3D tech

This Startup Is Combining Live Stream Events With 3d Tech This Startup Is Combining Live Stream Events With 3d Tech
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Contxto – The possibility of enjoying a concert in an immersive manner is just one subscription away. On September 12, +Vivo will launch its events streaming service platform.

To kick off the occasion, La Bersio (a rock band from Argentina) will be performing.

For hardcore fans with money to spend, the startup wants to heighten the experience with virtual reality technology, holograms, and the chance for participants to visit backstage areas—remotely of course.

+Vivo events for more live events

Argentine +Vivo wants to make its events as immersive as possible. 

To do so, La Bersio’s show will be hosted in 8D audio. If you don’t know what that is, do yourself a favor and listen to something in 8D on YouTube when you’re done reading this (FYI, you’ll need headphones).

Anyway, if a user is willing to pay +Vivo a bit more, they will get virtual access to the backstage area to get pumped along with the band before the show begins. Once the digital curtain rises, they’ll also get a 3D view of the stage and show.

As the event unfolds, fans can submit messages and they’ll be displayed via holograms alongside the group.

Besides ticket sales for the live event itself, the startup can tap into additional revenue streams via advertising.

Covid-19 and the entertainment industry 

Evidently, coronavirus was not kind to the entertainment industry. But on the upside, it launched an era that urges for more innovative ways to enjoy live performances.

Rappi for example has been hosting events on its app. Rebus and Boletia are working with platforms for users to see artists, interact with them via chat systems, and maybe buy merchandise along the way.

Meanwhile, +Vivo is taking it to another level with its virtual reality technology and streaming service combo.

Imagine that, practically attending a live concert where you can hear and see everything—minus the unpleasant parts like waiting in long lines.

The only fun thing the experience is missing: Mosh pits.

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