Wited and Betterfly Join Forces to Boost Education Across Latin America

The edtech startup Wited and the insurtech unicorn Betterfly forge a strategic alliance to offer academic resources and educational support to children and adolescents in various Latin American countries.
Wited-Betterfly-Alliance Wited-Betterfly-Alliance

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Wited, the Chilean educational technology firm has partnered with Betterfly, a unicorn in the insurance technology sector. The new partnership aims to provide academic resources in subjects such as mathematics, language, sciences, and English to support the educational development of children and adolescents across various countries.

Users of Betterfly can now create accounts on Wited’s platform and access features designed to assist students in their academic endeavors. These include online chats with educators to resolve queries and content and exercises in various subjects. Each Betterfly account can extend these educational benefits to a maximum of two students, thus amplifying the impact on families.

The collaboration aims to strengthen Wited’s presence in multiple Latin American countries where Betterfly currently operates, including Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. Gabriel Vera, CEO of Wited, stated:

“This alliance aims to expand the reach of Wited and academic reinforcement through our technological tools, which already benefit thousands of students across the region. We believe this is an excellent way to strengthen our market presence and explore new ones. We aim to continue to expand our platform and improve the lives of children, adolescents, and their families.”

Vera also commented on the family experience:

“Parents often become anxious when they see their children struggling with school subjects. While they wish to help, they may not know how. This alliance ensures that all Betterfly customers have an option to assist their children by providing them with the best academic supplement, enabling them to grasp subjects they find challenging at school, and thereby improve their performance.”

Betterfly is a Chilean unicorn valued at over USD $1 billion that offers well-being benefits to employees and rewards healthy habits. Wited, established in 2012, has reached over 50 million students across the Americas and is a preferred educational solution in many countries like Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Panama.

Betterfly was recently distinguished as one of the world’s most promising insurtechs by consultancy firm CB Insights. The company is making waves in democratizing access to insurance, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. This educational initiative, in alliance with Wited, signifies another step in their broader social impact mission.

Betterfly’s global recognition underlines the growing potential for Latin America to become a significant player in the digital transformation of various sectors, including education and insurance. This partnership may be a cornerstone in leveraging technology for social good, highlighting the increasing integration of edtech and insurtech solutions in Latin America.

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