Contxto – Peruvian engineer Leoncio Huamán Peredo is giving his country a reason to celebrate. As he was part of MIT Technology Review’s 2019 list of Innovators Under 35 from Latin America.

His invention, which granted him this coveted award, is cool both in terms of tech, but more importantly, in its usefulness to assist people who have a hearing disability. 

Specifically, the inventor created “Vision D” which consists of a device that’s attached to a pair of glasses and through artificial intelligence (AI) technology, transforms what a person is saying into text. This text is then displayed on a mini screen attached to the glasses.

What’s more, because these solutions shouldn’t be hoarded, Vision D’s code is open sourced. That way, anyone can access it and improve it.

peruvian adds “subtitles” to glasses to help people with hearing loss
Vision D prototype, source: Vision D

Hear the call to make a change

We often take things for granted. 

And one of the things we most continuously overlook is our health. And as you read this, you might even be listening to your favorite jams. 

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that for 466 million people, it’s not so easy to enjoy Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or the Red Hot Chili Peppers because they live with disabling hearing loss.

So their way of communicating with the world might be through sign language, the use of hearing aids, or a cochlear implant. The first of the three options requires a teacher and those around a person to understand sign language in order for it to work.

As for hearing aids and cochlear implants… they’re useful but not cheap. And not everyone is a candidate for these solutions.

What’s more, in developing parts of the world, people might not have access to any of these alternatives at all. 

It’s within these limiting boundaries that Vision D aims to make a breakthrough.

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