SAS Peru developed a customer experience solution to feed the fútbol fandom flame

sas peru developed a customer experience solution to feed the fútbol fandom flame
sas peru developed a customer experience solution to feed the fútbol fandom flame

Contxto – In Latin America, soccer is not a sport, but a way of life. And SAS Peru, a software development company, wants to bring that lifestyle to the customer experience of retail stores.

For which the company recently developed an augmented reality solution called “Customer experience for fanatics.” This tech can detect when a person is wearing their favorite fútbol team jersey. After which, various applications come together to offer him or her a personalized customer experience.

This technology is set to be launched soon in Colombia and Chile.

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Feeding the fandom flame

When a person enters a store, they’re immediately bombarded with loads of information and imagery. From sales deals, invites to join membership programs, customer satisfaction surveys, and on, and on. 

Too. Much. Information.

With all these going ons, shoppers have a shorter attention span. That is until something they know and love catches their eye, as is the case with soccer fans.

For which, at a store window or at its entrance, SAS Peru proposes retailers place this augmented reality screen that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to “recognize” if a person is wearing a soccer jersey or other article of clothing, such as a cap.

This information is sent to the store. After which the retailer will seek to offer the individual items and deals related to their soccer lifestyle. Perhaps a nearby big screen television will be displaying a play-by-play of the team. Which winds up seducing the shopper into purchasing the TV. 

Or, if there are upcoming playoffs, this tech can tell the retailer to channel the customer towards promotions in the glorious junk food that is chips, dip, and soda.

“The moment of truth comes when the consumer decides to accept a deal or not,” explained Andrés Villa, who’s part of the team at SAS Peru that developed this tech.

“If the person doesn’t accept the deal, this information can be used to improve the offer [next time]. And we can use contextual data to know how many fans enter a store. But should the customer accept the deal, they belong to you forever and are willing to receive [marketing] campaigns and information for years on end that are relevant to their taste—just because of their jersey.”

Data for a better customer experience

By harnessing this spirited group’s interests, SAS Peru wants to offer a more unique customer journey. Meanwhile, it offers retailers specific details, data, and insights as to what really interests their shoppers.

If this tech ever reaches Mexico, it’d be interesting to see if it works on Contxto’s research intern, Chava, who’s a huge Atlas fan…

Big shoutout to him and his undying loyalty to the rojinegros!


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