CBRE launches Latam-Iberia platform to stimulate real estate investment between Europe and LatAm

CBRE unveils Latam-Iberia platform to foster real estate commerce and business links between Europe and Latin America.
Photo: CBRE

CBRE, a leading consulting and real estate services company, has launched its new platform Latam – Iberia, aimed at revitalizing the real estate market and facilitating investment between Europe and Latin America. The tool seeks to boost business relations and the visibility of real estate solutions between regions to promote sector development.

The creation of Latam-Iberia responds to the need for greater dynamism in transcontinental real estate investments. CBRE has assembled a multidisciplinary team of ten experts in capital markets, hospitality, and specific knowledge of the real estate sector in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. The experience and expertise of this team are fundamental to the platform’s success.

Latam-Iberia will not only facilitate commercial exchange and investment between Europe and Latin America but also serve as a bridge between emerging and more consolidated markets. The platform promises to catalyze the interaction of startups and companies in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain, countries where CBRE has an active presence through its local offices. Additionally, the tool is proposed as a solution to overcome the barriers of local unfamiliarity that often hinder the development of transnational businesses.

According to Andrés Cardona, Vice President of CBRE in Colombia, the implementation of Latam-Iberia marks a significant expansion in the company’s geographical reach, offering its clients an unparalleled level of coverage and service in the region. This initiative not only increases the visibility of solutions in both geographical areas but also facilitates the approach and empowerment of the markets in which CBRE develops its activities.

“Implementing this platform represents a significant expansion of our geographical reach and allows us to offer our clients an unparalleled level of coverage and service in the region.”

The Latam-Iberia platform is expected to be a turning point in the real estate sector, providing a path for expansion and growth in an increasingly globalized market. With its launch, CBRE reaffirms its commitment to innovation and developing comprehensive solutions for a constantly evolving sector.

In the real estate sector, between 2022 and 2023, there has been a substantial increase in rental costs in major cities in Latin America and the Caribbean according to Statista data. Argentina is the most affected country in the region, with an increase of approximately 126% in the cost of apartment rentals in Buenos Aires, a stark difference from Mexico City, which occupies the second place with a 12% increase.

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