Startup Sherpas Targets Barcelona’s Youth for Entrepreneurial Internships

Led by Natalia Olson, a former innovation advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, the project seeks to introduce young Europeans to business vocations by integrating them into the corporate world.
Startup Sherpas Targets Barcelona's Youth For Entrepreneurial Internships
Startup Sherpas Targets Barcelona Youth For Entrepreneurial Internships

Startup Sherpas, a British initiative, arrives in Barcelona aiming to foster entrepreneurial spirit amOriginating in the UK to address talent gaps in less appealing sectors, Startup Sherpas collaborates with Barcelona’s city council to offer 5,000 teens hands-on company experience this year.

Opening at Pier01, part of Tech Barcelona, Startup Sherpas is supported by the city council, emphasizing the need for talent in every economic sector and providing youths with opportunities for startup creation and vibrant careers in Barcelona. The internships, lasting 6 to 8 weeks during summer or after-school hours, aim to connect adolescents with significant companies in the city. The initiative, conceived by British entrepreneurs Dan Roe, Kathy Walker, and Hugo Pickford-Wardle, responds to the vocational void in sectors like accounting and tax collection in the UK.

Startup Sherpas’ expansion to Catalonia involves discussions with a dozen major companies to host interns. The program represents a strategic effort to cultivate future entrepreneurs and skilled workers by offering practical insights and experiences in Barcelona’s dynamic business landscape.

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