12 Brazilian startups revolutionizing the agrotech industry

12 Brazilian Startups Revolutionizing The Agrotech Industry 12 Brazilian Startups Revolutionizing The Agrotech Industry
12 brazilian startups revolutionizing the agrotech industry

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Contxto – As one of the world’s largest food exporters, it’s easy to see how Brazil is pioneering the global agrotech industry. All you have to do is examine the array of startups rolling out innovative solutions.

Due to the exponential growth in Brazil’s agricultural sector, different agrotech startups have surfaced. Collectively, they’re trying to make the industry bigger and better while looking to improve production quality.

The following market map presents some of the best options the Brazilian agrotech market has to offer.

12 Brazilian Startups Revolutionizing The Agrotech Industry

Agrosmart (São Paulo)

One of the many responsibilities of being a farmer is remaining vigilant over the soil, making sure it stays healthy. Keeping this in mind, Agrosmart provides software for this very purpose. The remote platform helps users monitor micro-climates within individual farming plots. At the same time, it collects data about the soil.

Tarvos (São Paulo)

Farmers can prevent pest outbreaks and make the most of their utility by using Tarvos’ technology. The company offers an agricultural solution involving daily monitoring of crops. In the process, it provides real-time updates while helping agriculturalists make better decisions on the field.

Agronow (São Pablo)

Artificial Intelligence paired with satellite imagery allows Agronow clients to receive some of the highest quality crop data and statistics from rural areas. Producers receive alerts, plan production breaks and ensure harvest quality over the platform.

Grão Direto (Minas Gerais)

Buyers and producers of grain, soybeans and corn convene on Grão Direto to make better trading decisions. The platform incorporates agile technology to support various chains, ranging from cooperatives, traditional brokers, feed factories, warehouses, traders, among others.  

JetBov (Santa Catarina)

Cattle ranchers benefit from JetBov due to its livestock and farm management software. According to the website, partners can make more profit by registering herds into the system. Clients then have to collect data on the field, which can at least be done without needing the internet. Whatever is gathered eventually gets incorporated into the cloud. Once everything is synced, users can access reports and analysis to monitor every stage of the livestock process.

Fumajet (Río de Janeiro)

Fumajet deters urban epidemics and pest invasions with its specialized technology. Its most innovative product is a nebulizer (sprayer) called “Motofog” that prevents the spread of Dengue, Malaria and other tropical viruses. As the name may imply, all of this is also performed on a motorbike.

Horus Aeronaves (Santa Catarina)

With some state-of-the-art machines, this Brazilian agrotech startup deploys a fleet of drones equipped with multispectral cameras to watch over agricultural fields. It helps users count crops, identify potential problems, not to mention digitally render the surface or terrain.

Aegro (Porto Alegre)

Founded in 2014, Aegro is a SaaS with more than 3,000 registered properties across over 1.1 million hectares in its system. The field software assists agricultural operations to save time planning crop rotations, quickly record activities, accurately record expenses and revenues, securely store financial and production history, etc. Even better, all of this is done remotely.

InCeres (São Paulo)

InCeres’ agrotech software embraces Systems Precision Farming to innovate the farming sector. As a SaaS, it saves times and increases profits for partners thanks to advanced data and sampling. There are four main products that the company offers, according to the website. These include InCeres Producer, InCeres Basic, InCeres Pro, and InCeres Master. Each service pertains to your current stage in the agribusiness.

Boi na Linha (São Paulo)

Whether you’re dealing with bulls, oxen, calves, calves, cows or heifers, cattle buyers and sellers can easily do business over Boi na Linha’s trading platform. It connects cattle ranchers from all over Brazil with herds ranging from dairy animals to those meant for breeding, rearing, fattening, or even eating.

Olho do Dono (Vitória)

Meaning “eye of the owner” in Portuguese, this company serves ranchers in tracking their herd’s weight, monitoring food efficiency, identifying ideal times to sell, plus gaining valuable insight about cattle genetics. The more they know, the more they can maximize profits. Previously, this agrotech startup won the Tech Crunch Startup Battlefield Latin America competition. It also came out on top at Intercorte as Brazil’s best agrotech startup, according to the website.

Sintecsys (São Paulo)

Quite helpful during hot seasons, Sintecsys is an automatic fire detection system. By means of analyzing images, it quickly and effectively detects the coordinates of dangerous areas. Its technology identifies the source of potential fires even in difficult climates.

With these 12 Brazilian startups modernizing crop fields and farms across Latin America, it’s evident that Brazil embodies much potential in this niche industry. While there are other agrotech startups out there, we’ll be happy to update the map as we discover more. Until then, let’s give it up to these standouts.


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