5 startups from Monterrey developing logistics technology solutions

5 Startups From Monterrey Developing Logistics Technology Solutions 5 Startups From Monterrey Developing Logistics Technology Solutions
5 startups from monterrey developing logistics technology solutions

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Contxto – Sometimes abbreviated as “Logtech,” logistics technology is an emerging industry intertwining the world one shipment at a time.

In today’s globalized economy, companies depend on efficient software, procedures and data to perform their best. Otherwise, how else will foreign shipments reach the docks on time?

With that said, there are a handful of Mexican startups specializing in logistics innovation. Touching both the Atlantic, Pacific, not to mention its mammoth border with the United States, Mexico certainly has a lot of trade going on.

These five startups from the northern industrial city of Monterrey are making this possible. 

5 Startups From Monterrey Developing Logistics Technology Solutions


We have featured Nowports before due to its US$5.3 million seed round funded by Base10 and monashees as well as its involvement with Y Combinator. Needless to say, we’re fans of its real-time digital freight platform helping partners manage imports and exports. 

Also of Uruguayan descent, Nowports operates in Montevideo plus Santiago, Chile. Parters depend on its solution to track cargo shipments, providing unprecedented transparency and reliability in an outdated industry. 


Partnered with UPS and Redpack, Skydrop is an online marketplace connecting businesses with shipping providers. Specialized services range from eCommerce, national and last-mile deliveries.

At the moment it’s only active in Mexico but allows partners to save up to 70 percent on shipment rates. This has helped past customers such as Walmart, The Home Depot, Soriana, among others, consolidate volume.


Clients can hire certified carriers to deliver freight over this on-demand platform for local lightweight cargo. Once a company registers over GoFlit, it can schedule delivery, assign units, and even interact with customers. All in all, this helps companies increase their delivery capacity with just a few clicks of a button. 

Cargo sizes can vary from small boxes to orders requiring pallets. Some of the benefits include immediate customer attention, certified carriers, 24/7 support, SMS/mail notifications, as well as a dual platform on PC or smartphones. 


This startup specializes in a different type of logistics compared to the others. At its core, it wants to improve industrial productivity in Mexico with its SaaS solution. It’s particularly involved in sectors pertaining to plastic manufacturing, public transportation, finance and agriculture. 

Within these vertical industries, Logykopt’s software aids partners in making more optimized decisions accompanied by mathematical data. Past reports claim that clients saw a 40 percent increase in productivity as well as 20 percent savings in overall operations.  


Evitra’s mission is to provide the most efficient and user-friendly IT solution for partners determined to heighten their logistics and operations. It specifically caters to members of the distributor supply chain, assisting them in measuring, controlling and optimizing their performance. 

Services include vertical solution implementation, warehouse layout design, mapping of storage and distribution, industrial safety standards, etc.


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