50 mexican startups shine in the HEINEKEN Green Challenge 2023

HEINEKEN Green Challenge selects the most innovative startups in Mexico; winners to be announced on November 15th.
mexican startups HEINEKEN Green Challenge 2023 mexican startups HEINEKEN Green Challenge 2023
50 mexican ventures were selected to advance to the national bootcamp of the HEINEKEN Green Challenge | Photo: Pexels

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To highlight innovation and entrepreneurship in Mexico, HEINEKEN conducted its Green Challenge, a competition that adopted a virtual format for its regional selections this year. Over four consecutive days, from October 16th to the 19th, startups from different regions of the country showcased their projects, demonstrating the talent and innovative capacity of Mexican entrepreneurship.

Regional Distribution of Participants

  • October 16th: Southeast Region with startups such as AquaLabel Precision, Eco ticket, and Endémika, among others.
  • October 17th: Northwest Region, highlighting companies like Flowi, ÑUNI, and Marea Ostrea.
  • October 18th: Central-West Region, featuring projects from CPLANTAE, Liquid Life, and Plastomato Tech.Smart Breeze.
  • October 19th: Northeast Region, showcasing innovations from Propelfoods, Hydrosafe, and District 112.

From its inception, the HEINEKEN Green Challenge has been a beacon of innovation, receiving over 4,000 projects from 1,388 universities nationwide and supporting more than 12,000 Mexican entrepreneurs.

Alejandra Zamudio, Coordinator of the HEINEKEN Green Challenge, expressed her enthusiasm for the displayed talent: “The entrepreneurial vision we’ve seen reflects Mexico’s potential to become the hub of innovation and business in Latin America. We aim to materialize this vision through initiatives like the HEINEKEN Green Challenge”.

Elena Montes de Oca, in charge of Sustainability and Circular Economy at HEINEKEN Mexico, also shared her excitement:

“We’re eager for the Bootcamp phase of the Green Challenge, where the 50 finalists will refine their projects for the Final Pitch on November 15th. We thank the entrepreneurs for their passion and dedication; they represent the best of Mexican entrepreneurship”.

The culmination of this challenge will occur on November 15th, when the best projects of 2023 will be awarded prizes ranging from MXN $650,000 for first place to MXN $65,000 for those ranked fourth to tenth. Additionally, the top 20 projects will receive additional awards, including a 12-week acceleration program and access to the incMTY Accelerator 2024 competition.

This initiative not only highlights the potential of Mexican startups but also strengthens the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. For more information, the community is invited to visit the press room of the Monterrey Institute of Technology at Newsroom.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in its Global Innovation Index 2023, Mexico ranks 52nd among the most innovative countries globally, trailing only Brazil and Chile in the Latin America region.

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