6 Costa Rican startups making the world a more eco-friendly place

6 Costa Rican Startups Making The World A More Eco-friendly Place 6 Costa Rican Startups Making The World A More Eco-friendly Place
6 costa rican startups making the world a more eco-friendly place

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Contxto – So far, today has been a green kind of day for Contxto. Not only did we cover a blockchain marijuana solution, but also neo-travel startup Selina hosting 53 fundraisers to save the Amazon Forest.

Now, here comes the final dish. When it comes to heavy-weight contenders in the fight against climate, Costa Rica is by far one of the most active Latin American countries. How so? Simply put, this country has its eyes set on becoming carbon neutral by 2021. 

Home to around 5 percent of the world’s entire biodiversity, it’s not surprising to associate Costa Rica with clear blue beaches, sleepy sloths, not to mention lush rainforests.

To protect this treasure trove, Ticos and people residing there, it is also setting an example to ensure a more sustainable future through its budding startup ecosystem, especially those with ecological solutions.

6 Costa Rican Startups Making The World A More Eco-friendly Place

Green Cloud

Accomplishing eco-efficiency is at the forefront of this startup’s day-to-day operations. Through Green Cloud’s user-friendly platform, organizations can register, measure and monitor their CO2 footprints.

Over 150 organizations in 16 countries have already signed up. Automated reports along with consulting services are also available. With that in mind, organizational leadership can implement solutions to achieve international eco-friendly compliance standards.

Magenta Biolabs

Nutrient-rich agro-industrial by-products go through a recycling process and turned into various compounds. Following this, materials are then used in other production processes at Magenta Biolabs.

This startup is best-known for transforming these “leftovers” into hyaluronic acid, a substance commonly used in the cosmetics industry. All the while, it’s receptive to receiving specific requests in what substances to extract from those by-products. Looks like there’s no excuse when it comes to “reduce, reuse and recycle.”


Like Magenta Biolabs, where some see waste, Bromé sees an environmental solution. Originally known as Reuti-Piña, the startup from Guanacaste uses enzymes to transform pineapple by-products into components for various industries. Some of these include textiles, brewing, baking, in addition to cosmetics


Carpooling to and from work is a simple way to save time, money and the ozone layer. Such a task gets easier through Workride. Organizations subscribe its employees to Workride through their company email, safely connecting through the app.

Following the on-boarding, the startup arranges and plans trips as needed. According to its website, Workride currently manages over 200 rides every day. That’s a whole lot of carpooling and fewer carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.

Green Track

Most GPS systems are centered around just keeping track of vehicles. What Green Track brings to the table is that and more. This platform allows businesses to monitor their vehicle’s movement but also measure and register gas usage.

The system also provides alternatives to cut down on gas emissions. Users also benefit from route recommendations that curb costs, burn less rubber, not to mention promise a greener future.

Balanced Energy

This company’s mission is to design a plant capable of transforming plastic into “polydiésel” fuel. Originally, the startup emerged after participating in an accelerator program at the national university. 


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