6 startups from Paraguay betting on fintech solutions

6 Startups From Paraguay Betting On Fintech Solutions 6 Startups From Paraguay Betting On Fintech Solutions
6 startups from paraguay betting on fintech solutions

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Contxto – Every week there are headlines about some Brazilian or Mexican fintech paving new foundations for financial inclusion. While this is always wonderful news, many small countries are often overlooked. 

Perhaps out of all of Latin America, Paraguay may be the most overshadowed by its larger and more active neighbors, Brazil and Argentina.

While it’s certainly famous for its appetite for beef, the Guayani language and football fandom, the landlocked country also boasts a handful of startups developing some promising fintech solutions. 

6 Startups From Paraguay Betting On Fintech Solutions


Suffer no more. We all know taxes can be worse than visiting the dentist. However, the process doesn’t have to be that bad. TAXit helps users take care of their personal finances and file their taxes with no hassle. Not only do they provide a neat, minimalistic dashboard, but there are also experts willing to help clarify doubts and use the platform.


While transcending into the proptech and blockchain realm, this startup from Paraguay uses a lot of fintech features to provide transparency over its building management platform. Tenants and manager can be in constant communication over Abitapp, especially when it comes to paying utilities. 


Whether you’re seeking a loan for your home or to travel the world, this platform provides Paraguayans with many options. There are even credits available for personal home financing, all of which guarantee transparency and reliability. All of this is achievable through its search engine showing real-time rates. 


With a scruffy brown dog as its logo, this fellow online loan search engine optimizes the loan inquiry process. Able to provide loans at competitively good rates, it even won the BBVA Open Talent competition in Paraguay. Users simply need to search, compare and request a loan to benefit from Goiko’s financial services. 


Companies use Quo’s solution to increase sales and boost customer loyalty via credit scoring. What the platform does is evaluate and approve credit for customers. It can also be used as a collections tool, helping partners reclaim money while not accruing any additional risks. 


This company says its the first peer-to-peer lending platform in Paraguay, helping connect borrowers and lenders like never before. According to its website, Prestamena has had over 6,000 applicants in search of credit and over 2,500 investors within the network.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News