7 supportive parenting apps from Latin America

7 Supportive Parenting Apps From Latin America 7 Supportive Parenting Apps From Latin America
7 supportive parenting apps from latin america

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Contxto – I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that it’s already May. But with warmer weather and blossoming flowers comes one of the most important occasions of the month, Mother’s Day – at least in the majority of Latin American countries.

To commemorate this special day and the importance of family, we have compiled a list of Latin American startups supporting mothers and fathers alike raise their families.

7 Supportive Parenting Apps From Latin America

Alba (Chile)

Alba helps parents find reliable caregivers for their children via social networks. In just a matter of minutes, parents can hire a trustworthy person to look after their young ones. This way, parents don’t have to worry about finding babysitters too far ahead of time.

Even better, parental figures can follow the session in real-time via text-updates, a nanny-cam, and even GPS tracking. Helpers also get paid by credit card at the end of the session in addition to receiving performance evaluations.

Kinedu (Mexico)

Learning through play is Kinedu’s motto. To support your baby’s growth, the Mexican app offers a variety of age-appropriate features for youngsters. It specifically caters to children younger than four years old.

Activities try to strengthen key developmental areas, such as reading, eye-hand coordination, among others. Slowly but surely, this company will help your baby reach every milestone.

PlayKids (Brazil)

Even youngsters crave quality entertainment, which is something that PlayKids knows firsthand. Between games, books, animations, as well as drawings, the app provides age-appropriate content to kids between the ages of two and eight.

Not only is the programming fun but also educational for a child’s development. In addition to strengthening abilities, youngsters can gain experience working in teams while also enjoying videos, e-books, nursery rhymes, games, plus much more.

BabySparks (Colombia)

This mobile platform serves parents in raising their newborns while learning from a team of early childhood development experts. According to the company’s website, BabySparks offers over 1,300 video-based activities and development milestones.

Three components are involved: supporting, monitoring and evaluating developments, all of which use adaptive technology. Since every child learns differently, the program is also customizable.

Pollitoingles (Venezuela)

Infant and toddler items alike can be extremely expensive, which is a shame considering they’re only useful for a limited time only. Keeping this in mind, Pollitoingles has found a solution to ease the financial burden for families.

Beginning in 2011, the platform allows mothers to exchange, buy and sell used baby merchandise over the network. Everything from strollers to cribs to toys can be easily sold or purchased on Pollitoingles.

akdemia (Peru)

Parents can track their children’s academic progress with akdemia. The app also provides teachers with the necessary tools and resources to effectively engage their students for a richer learning experience.

At the same time, administrators use the platform to stay informed, meaning they are granted access to official reports and analytics. In the end, everybody is working together for the sake of promoting quality education.

Blended (Argentina)

For the sake of convenience, Blended is a multifaceted communication platform that organizes student information in one single location. Like other apps, it helps improve relationships between students, parents and teachers.

Today, it has more than 250,000 users across Latin America. Just in Argentina alone, over 300 institutions have implemented the platform and its services. Moreover, information can easily be shared over WhatsApp, which parents may appreciate.


You know what they say; it takes a village to raise a child, even if that village exists in cyberspace. Proverbs aside, parent involvement in a child’s education can really make a positive difference.

Studies show that children are more likely to be successful if their parents play an active role in their educational journey. With that said, apps like these yield so much potential in terms of nurturing the next generation of great thinkers.

Needless to say, the market is huge.


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