9 Argentine HealthTech startups digitizing the medical industry

9 Argentine Healthtech Startups Digitizing The Medical Industry 9 Argentine Healthtech Startups Digitizing The Medical Industry
9 argentine healthtech startups digitizing the medical industry

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Contxto – We should be paying more attention to the health sector. In case of a great need, it’s helpful to know what options we have at hand.

Industry players are in the process of transitioning from analog to digital. As a country, Argentina has done well in the HealthTech industry and came up with a couple of interesting proposals.

Towards the end of 2018, Argentina’s Secretary of Health launched a national plan to deploy innovative ways in improve the health sector.

The following startups are platforms participating in this evolution. Seeing how they operate to improve the HealthTech industry in Argentina, we can only imagine that they will be setting new standards for other economies to replicate.

9 Argentine Healthtech Startups Digitizing The Medical Industry


Are you afraid that you’re losing your hearing? Well, this app allows you to examine your auditory quality through an assortment of tests. Furthermore, it diagnoses the type of hearing loss you may be experiencing.

At the same time, you can adjust the sound settings for your hearing needs. Although the platform offers its own hearing aids for the optimal user experience, you can also use your own headphones.


This application facilitates communication between people with hearing disabilities. The users can generate sentences through pictograms that the platform visually depicts.

Omnia Salud

Even medical offices are converting to the digital age. Eliminate unnecessary paperwork by managing everything through the cloud. The platform has all the tools for internal management such as electronic clinical history, past billing or fees, etc.


Oriented to the client, Citaldoc authorizes digital consultation sessions with healthcare professionals. The platform provides as much personalized health attention as you’d receive in a physical office. Telemedicine at its best!

Mirai 3D

While still developing, this is a new concept for training in the health sector. Through 3D models, the company renders simulation scenarios for small yet invasive surgeries, endoscopy, as well as plastic surgery. After all, practice makes perfect.


Through its bio-printing technology, Webio helps pharmaceutical companies and hospitals improve the potency of drugs. By testing human tissue, professionals can quickly determine if the drug is effective or hazardous to the patient’s health.


Patients in need of orthodontist work have this easy digital platform to streamline the sometimes unpleasant process, at least for some people. It’s especially useful when it comes to deciphering x-rays. All you need to do is upload the image, check a few boxes and wait for your results.


This platform works as a pseudo social network. It allows clients to virtually schedule doctor appointments via video calls, which redefines convenience if you ask me. Not only can you get rapid health consultation with AhoraDoctor but it also provides price rates and doctor evaluations.


Already present in Colombia and Mexico, Alephoo is an internal management software for medical institutions. Because of this app, clinics and hospitals can efficiently keep track of their records in addition to patients’ information.

9 Argentine Healthtech Startups Digitizing The Medical Industry


As you can imagine, there are many other technologies and startups in the HeathTech industry. Nevertheless, these are some Argentine projects that you may find useful. We’ll keep you updated with more interesting technologies and startups from different sectors in the upcoming market maps.


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