Agree Partners with Banco Santander to provide Farmers with Access to Capital in Mexico

This collaboration not only links primary producers to digital financial services but also lays the groundwork for future sector innovations.
Agree Partners With Banco Santander To Provide Farmers With Access To Capital In Mexico

Agree’s mission extends beyond mere credit provision; it envisions creating an inclusive ecosystem by collaborating with various market players to amplify impact.

The core objective of this strategic alliance is to digitalize capital access for primary producers across Mexico. Agree serves as the digital bridge, facilitating connections between farmers and Banco Santander. The partnership gains further strength with UPL Agro’s involvement, whose distribution network becomes a key ally in extending financial offerings throughout Mexico’s agricultural regions. Julian De Ambrosi, Country Manager of Mexico, emphasizes the importance of combining traditional and technological companies for financial inclusion.

This alliance addresses challenges like limited access to financial information and products in the Mexican agricultural sector, often hindered by high operational costs of traditional processes. Utilizing open banking technology, the platform optimizes costs and streamlines processes by profiling applicants, gathering information from alternative sources, and managing documentation. Farmers, as end-users, will benefit from digitization, granular financing tools, and enhanced financial offerings. Concurrently, Banco Santander will expand its reach to potential clients traditionally difficult to access.

Looking towards 2024, Agree and Banco Santander envision not just solidifying this partnership but also inviting more ecosystem players to join in crafting innovative solutions for Mexican agriculture. The future includes launching new strategic alliances with more appealing and fully digital products, further revolutionizing the sector’s financial landscape.

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