Argentine startup Experimental creates CryptoWars, allows gamers to earn crypto

Argentine Startup Experimental Creates Cryptowars, Allows Gamers To Earn Crypto Argentine Startup Experimental Creates Cryptowars, Allows Gamers To Earn Crypto
argentine startup experimental creates cryptowars, allows gamers to earn crypto

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Contxto – The stakes are real in CryptoWars, a video game designed by Argentine startup Experimental where users earn cryptocurrency based on their performance. It is reportedly the first fully decentralized RTS (real-time strategy) game on the market. 

Say that again?

Created around Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts, this online game requires players to strategize as well as outstrip others of their treasures. In terms of premise, the game sounds like a combination of Age of Empires meets SimCity. 

Participants become responsible for managing resources and creating new operations. Some of these range from constructing new villages, training armies, maintaining gold mines, etc. All the while, players can wage war against one another, invading other townships if they’re feeling combative or needing emergency raw materials. 

Throughout the game, users acquire assets, whether they be weapons, armor, start backs, etc. The owner has full control over them since these items translate to non-fungible tokens (NFT) based on Ethereum.

Moreover, any developer can launch their own “side quests” or parallel games based on CryptoWars’ customizable code. Specifically, the game operates over Loom, a second-layer solution from Ethereum supporting transactions over the decentralized application (DApp).

Visions for the future

With cryptocurrency, the company envisions a “highly robotized future” where gamers may have solid job opportunities someday. By leveraging skill-based blockchain games and technology, the startup intends to showcase what these folks are truly capable of.

“We believe that in a highly robotic future, new jobs will have to be created,” said Tomas Guthmann, Experimental’s COO. “With many points of contact with the eSports industry, we know that skill-based blockchain games can help amateur players around the world make a living.”

CryptoWars = Crypto Rewards

On top of mere bragging rights, CryptoWars gamers earn DAI stable coins for successful campaigns. To obtain these, players participate in frequently sponsored tournaments. More people seem to be continuously coming on-board, as well. 

“In June alone, we had more than 1,000 players, playing in five weekend-tournaments that distributed 1,350 DAI in prizes,” said Guthmann, whose company is based in Buenos Aires.

Fortunately, our community not only plays but is also a great source of feedback about the DApp and its operation, which is key to continually improving it.

Tomas Guthmann, COO of Experimental

Not only is this CryptoWars attracting a lot of new users but also proving that the blockchain ecosystem is capable of monetizing in alternative ways.


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