The Chilean startup Reqlut is seeking companies willing to offer remote jobs in LatAm

The Chilean startup Reqlut is seeking companies for the 2023 Professional Development Summit, connecting young Latin American talents with remote job opportunities in the technology and software sector.
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Reqlut announced the call for the 2023 Professional Development Summit | Photo: Le Wagon

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The renowned Chilean startup Reqlut has announced its active search for companies interested in participating in the Professional Development Summit 2023. This initiative aims to offer job openings in various professional areas, emphasizing remote positions in Latin American countries such as Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

This ambitious event has the primary mission of acting as a bridge between students and recent university graduates across Latin America and the most sought-after job opportunities. But it’s not just a hiring event. As stated in a recent press release, Reqlut aims to go further by providing essential guidance to ensure successful professional development.

The Summit’s format is designed to be a multi-faceted, enriching experience. It will feature a series of talks and meetings to foster professional growth. These sessions will benefit both knowledge-hungry youths and educational institutions seeking to adapt to the shifting demands of the working world.

This year’s standout component will be the integrated job fair, focusing on young individuals ready to make a mark in the business world. Reqlut sees these individuals as job candidates and future leaders who will shape tomorrow’s corporate landscape. Evelin Anahí Chiappa, Sales Manager at Reqlut, remarked:

“Our mission is to help these young individuals take that crucial first step in their careers. Besides having major corporations and educational centers, we want to emphasize that opportunities aren’t just limited to Chile, but options are available globally, including remote roles.”

What is clear is that the world of work is evolving, and remote work is here to stay. The most in-demand areas are those centered on technology and software development. Chiappa added a critical insight:

“Skills in web interface design, software development, and data analysis are rapidly becoming common currency. And graphic designers are also in high demand.”

For companies interested in being part of this unique opportunity, Reqlut has made the registration process straightforward. Companies can choose from various plans tailored to their needs and quickly sign up via the following website:

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