Cube Ventures and Vertical Labs to boost LATAM startups

The focus on mentoring, connections with investors and personalized accompaniment is fundamental, as it addresses the deficiencies identified in many technology ventures in the region.
The initiative between Cube Ventures and Vertical Labs to launch their first accelerator program is great news for Latin America.

The joint initiative between Cube Ventures and Vertical Labs to launch their first acceleration program is significant news for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

The collaboration between a venture capital firm and a local accelerator will provide selected startups with valuable resources and support to overcome common challenges faced by early-stage businesses.

The focus on mentoring, connections with investors, and personalized support is crucial as it addresses identified deficiencies in many technological ventures in the region.

“At Cube Ventures, we bet on technologically talented entrepreneurs to succeed and stand out in the region. That’s why we are proud to be part of this union that will bring personalized support over 17 weeks.

“Following that, four startups will be selected to be part of an ecosystem that collectively comprises more than 140 companies, allowing them to have direct connections with key industry players and globally significant contacts,” revealed Santiago Rojas Montoya, General Director of Cube Ventures.

The rigorous selection process will ensure the participation of the best companies and entrepreneurs, thus maximizing the program’s impact.

The choice of key sectors such as e-commerce, fintech, software as a service, and logistics shows a clear understanding of the trends and emerging opportunities in the current technological landscape.

These areas are crucial for economic development and digital transformation in Latin America.

The duration of the call provides entrepreneurs with a reasonable period to prepare and present their proposals.

Identifying specific challenges, such as a lack of knowledge about financing and limited access to networks, demonstrates attention to the specific needs of entrepreneurs in the region.

“We want to see exceptional, resilient, and innovative entrepreneurs. Our main goal at Vertical Labs is to empower startups, thanks to the value we generate with the support and strength of our ecosystem and methodology.

“With this alliance, we will provide greater benefits to entrepreneurs, strengthen our community, and, at the same time, see more entrepreneurs grow and achieve their goals,” emphasized Gerson García, Director of Vertical Labs.

The participation of expert professionals and experienced entrepreneurs in key areas such as strategy, growth, talent, finance, technology, and legal is essential to address the diverse facets of business development.

These mentorships will provide valuable guidance and contribute significantly to the success probability of the selected startups.

This initiative aims to boost the growth and scalability of startups in the most promising stage, leveraging emerging talent in Latin America.

This strategic approach has the potential to generate a significant positive impact on the regional entrepreneurial scene and contribute to long-term economic growth.

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