With a pre-seed round of USD $600,000, Databits aims to strengthen its presence in Mexico to increase the range of courses and programs they have on data science and AI.

In this way, Databits seeks to strengthen the data culture in large, medium and small companies throughout Latin America and plans to complete it with the investment just raised.

The resources come from different institutional funds and family offices based in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. Among the most important are firms such as 500 LatAm, Buentrip Hub, Stonks Fund, BVC, Telefunken Capital, CREAS Ecuador and Winnipeg Capital.

Databits was born in Ecuador in 2019, which has focused on revolutionizing the way in which professionals from different companies in Latin America use the knowledge they have of Data and Artificial Intelligence, to make them more efficient, productive and innovative.

With this focus and objective, Databits develops training oriented to the resolution of technical and business problems in industries such as banking, finance, insurance, retail, telecommunications, among others.

The founders of Databits were Fernanda Aldrette from Mexico and Fernanda Huilca from Ecuador. This platform was selected as one of the 10 Latin American startups to be part of the WeXchange 2022 program, from the IDB and Google Accelerator in Miami.

“In the midst of a particularly difficult season for attracting capital investment, I think the key factor was that Databits has very solid numbers.

“The hard data speaks for itself of all the effort, heart and resilience we have had as entrepreneurs to consolidate our vision of being the most important data and AI business school in Latin America,” explained Fernanda Aldrette.

More and more is being invested in Edtech startups, such as Databits, in Latin America. In 2021, almost USD $500 million of Venture Capital was invested, which represents more than six times the average of the previous five years.

Descomplica, Crehana, Platzi, and Trybe are some of the Edtech startups in Latin America that have raised more than USD $10 million.