Genesy AI secures €450K pre-seed led by Itnig and K Fund.

Funds to enhance product development and internal sales team efficiency.
Genesy Ai Secures €450k Pre-seed Led By Itnig And K Fund.
Genesy Ai Secures E450k Pre Seed Led By Itnig And K Fund

This financing round, which also sees contributions from the founders of Factorial via Itnig, JME Ventures, and utilization by Factorial’s internal sales team, marks a significant step for the Catalan company towards innovating B2B technological sales. Genesy aims to revolutionize the sector with its AI-powered sales development representative (SDR), enhancing commercial efficiency by automating mundane tasks to potentially increase sales teams’ productivity tenfold.

The challenge of data quality in B2B sales remains formidable, with teams grappling with fragmented, inconsistent, and inaccurate data from various sources. This often results in inefficient opportunity generation and diminished sales effectiveness. Genesy addresses this issue by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources, providing sales teams with enriched, accurate, and actionable information, thus enabling them to focus on generating quality commercial relationships.

Looking ahead, Genesy envisions a future where sales productivity is exponentially increased through the delegation of repetitive tasks to AI-powered digital employees. This approach not only aims to revolutionize B2B sales but also extends to deploying various types of digital workers across sales, marketing, recruitment, and more, fostering a hybrid workforce model that blends human and digital talent to transform daily business operations.

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