Great Learning by BYJU’S arrives in Mexico to promote business education

Great Learning’s goal is to boost the professional learning of Mexican workers through transformational education.
Great Learning-BYJUS-Mexico Great Learning-BYJUS-Mexico
Great Learning-BYJUS-Mexico

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Great Learning, a global leading company in educational technology for higher and professional education offering programs in collaboration with prestigious universities such as Texas McCombs and MIT, arrives in Mexico through the edtech BYJU’S.
The Great Learning platform has more than 10 years in the international market and has more than 6.9 million students in around 170 countries.

Through a press release, Carlos Tejada, General Manager of BYJU’S for Latin America stated:

“While childhood is a key stage in the development of knowledge, in reality, the human being is constantly involved in learning, especially now that the rapid advancement of technology is driving a constant update of knowledge in the use of new tools that can improve our performance and, even, help us achieve a balance between work and personal life.”

Included in the educational offering of the platform are:

  • The Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Business Analysis, taught in collaboration with Texas McCombs.
  • The Professional Certification Program in Data Science and Machine Learning: Data-Driven Decision Making, which is taught by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society in collaboration with Great Learning.

Both programs are aimed at professionals with experience in data handling and analysis, but also at those interested in starting their journey in data science.

EdTech_Latin America-Caribean
Overview of the EdTech sector in 2021. (BID y HolonIQ)

In this context, the World Economic Forum (WEF) predicted that by 2025, up to 50% of basic skills will change, which will result in a gradual retraining of today’s workers; and the global investment in Edtech has gone from US$500 million to US$16.1 billion in 2022, and experts predict an 18% increase in the technology education sector over the next seven years, as reported by TechX Media.

Top 10-Skills-2025
Top 10 Skills 2025. (Source: WEF)

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Why is it relevant for edtech in Latin America?

  • Many edtech companies focus on language learning, but the offer for professional development with official validity tends to be lower, which, in reality, represents an opportunity for edtech startups.
  • Latin America still faces significant challenges in terms of the quality and accessibility of education. Edtech startups can provide innovative solutions to tackle these, such as personalized learning, adaptive testing, and distance education technologies.
  • The edtech sector is booming, and governments in the region are becoming more receptive to the needs demanded by the digital age. By developing regulations for edtech, partnerships can be created with educational institutions to create a favorable environment for the development of technology education.

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