Huawei and Amexcid drive the digital future of startups in Latin America

Huawei and Amexcid celebrate the Huawei Spark 2023 program, supporting tech startups in Latin America with mentorship and funding.
Huawei Amexcid startups LatAm Huawei Amexcid startups LatAm
Huawei and Amexcid commit to LatAm entrepreneurs | Photo: José Antonio Soto Feria.

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The technological giant Huawei, in collaboration with the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (Amexcid) and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), recently celebrated the startup acceleration program Huawei Spark 2023 award ceremony. This program focuses on emerging startups from Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia operating in the tech field, particularly those employing cloud computing solutions.

Recall that according to a report published by Statista, Latin America has some of the leading ecosystems to boost and develop startups globally, highlighting Mexico City as the most important in the region, followed by cities such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, and Curitiba in Brazil.

Of the 100 startups that participated in the program, 48 were selected to receive financial support ranging between 2,000 and 100,000 dollars. Furthermore, these startups will benefit from access to Huawei Cloud solutions, networking opportunities, specialized mentorships, and the backing of incubators and investment funds to enhance their growth.

The W Mexico City Hotel was the chosen venue for the event, where Adolfo Jin, Director of Institutional Relations of Huawei Mexico, emphasized the strong alliance between Huawei and Amexcid. He stressed the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in promoting sustainable digital development and nurturing a conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurship.

Eduardo García Lima, Academic Exchange Director of Amexcid, pointed out that the success of Huawei Spark reflects the regional collaboration promoted by the Pacific Alliance and the Mexican Government. He underscored the significance of this public-private cooperation and how projects like this strengthen regional alliances.

On his part, Omar Arab, Chief Development Officer for Huawei Cloud, shared his enthusiasm for the program’s first cycle:

“The cloud is a vital connector for business transformation, especially when integrating Artificial Intelligence,” he stated.

Omar highlighted three pillars of the Huawei Spark program: financial awards, training in emerging technologies, and mentorships provided by experts.

Meanwhile, Gloria Sandoval, Executive Director of Amexcid, offered a broader perspective on the program’s impact. Since July 2021, Huawei Spark has been driving initiatives to enhance the skills of various sectors of society, from students to professionals.

“The initiative not only fosters innovation and regional economic growth but also promotes collaboration, sharing experiences, and knowledge to address current digital challenges,” she remarked.

Next, we present some Latin American startups that received awards from the Huawei Spark program.

In conclusion, the partnership between Huawei and Amexcid has culminated in the successful Huawei Spark 2023 program. This initiative not only offers financial support to promising startups but also promotes education, networking, and mentorship to tackle future technological challenges. With 40 hours of courses and over a million dollars awarded to 48 startups, the program promises to remain a pivotal force in the region’s technological development.

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