Keyway: Leading Latin American Innovation in the U.S. Real Estate Sector

To date, Keyway has demonstrated its strength and ability to attract significant investment. With more than USD 40 million and credit lines in excess of USD 100 million.

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Keyway, founded in 2020 by Matías Recchia and Sebastian Wilner, emerged as an innovative response to the fragmentation and opacity of the United States real estate market, which, according to Mordor Intelligence data, is estimated at USD $2.53 trillion in 2023, with a growth rate of approximately 2.04% annually.

With the ambition to connect investors with real estate business opportunities, the company stood out for integrating advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science.

Keyway’s technological innovation is embodied in its pioneering platform, with developments like Keypilot, an AI co-pilot that provides access to more than 12,000 data points from 300 real-time information sources. This system allows for predictive analysis and operational performance improvement, establishing Keyway as a benchmark in the sector.

“These tools not only optimize the buying and selling of properties but also revolutionize the management of the real estate process, facilitating everything from contract generation to thorough diligence in transactions,” explains Matías Recchia exclusively for Contxto.

Regarding the market and clients, Keyway focuses on properties valued between USD $3 to USD $50 million, a segment that offers optimal opportunities for institutional investors and family offices.

The company’s focus on the Latin American market, particularly Mexican investors, responds to a meticulous market analysis that identifies these groups as major players in purchasing small and medium-scale commercial properties in the United States. According to the company, Mexicans account for 23%, with a value of USD $2.5 million, followed by Canadians with 13% and Colombians with 10%.

To achieve this, Recchia and Sebastian Wilner have a clear objective: “to offer a ‘turnkey’ solution to access the U.S. real estate market, targeting mid-to-high-level investors, with a significant focus on Mexico, as they are the main Latin American investors in this sector.”

Beyond Technology

The philosophy of Keyway in relation to its clients is focused on personalized attention. This human approach and its technological platform allow Keyway to build strong, long-term relationships with its clients, offering solutions tailored to their specific needs.

“Beyond the use of our technological platform, which consolidates valuable information and data, the human component is fundamental in each of our operations, and we seek the best returns, promoting strong and long-term bonds,” says Recchia.

From a financial standpoint, Keyway has demonstrated its solidity and ability to attract significant investments. With more than USD $40 million raised from technology and real estate specialized funds like Camber Creek, Canvas Ventures, Parker 89, Thomvest, Montage Ventures, FJ Labs, and Crosscut, and credit lines exceeding USD $100 million, Keyway is firmly positioned in the market. Additionally, the company includes Jack Chandler, former Chairman of Blackrock, as part of its advisory group.

Building the Future for Latin Americans in the U.S.

Matías Recchia highlights:

“We aim to close this year with approximately USD $300 million in managed real estate assets and seek to continue growing sustainably over time.”

Looking to the future, Keyway plans to continue its technological and geographical expansion. The upcoming implementation of Keypilot promises to transform the real estate market further, offering precise and real-time analysis that will benefit investors and Keyway’s internal management.

Geographically, the company focuses on consolidating its presence in key U.S. states such as Florida, Texas, California, and Georgia and exploring new markets in emerging regions. “At an operational level, we are currently focused on transactions in the U.S. market, which presents multiple business opportunities, but we do not rule out the idea of expansion and bringing our experience and technology to other regions of the world, where Mexico undoubtedly has great potential,” concludes the entrepreneur.

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