The startup Kidsbook stood out in the Startup Peru Plug 4G and secured financing of USD$40,000 to boost its development in Peru.

This platform, created by Sabrina Orellana, Miguel Orellana, and Rodrigo Marambio, addresses the issue of disorganization in school tasks and materials for children.

The Startup Peru Plug 4G competition, created by the Ministry of Production and the National Program of Technological Development and Innovation (ProInnóvate), held its third edition with the aim of financing and supporting foreign startups in the expansion phase wishing to establish themselves in Peru.

The initiative aims to provide funds and assistance for the installation of these foreign startups that present innovations in products or processes, making a significant difference compared to current offerings in the Peruvian market.

The central focus of the Ministry of Production is to position Peru as an attractive market, seeking to diversify the economic matrix of the country.

Meanwhile, Kidsbook digitizes the class book, saving 64% of the administrative time for directors and educators, improving communication between the educational institution and parents.

“In early education, girls and boys are at the center of the educational process, being able to discover and develop their greatest talents. For our team, this is a challenge that we are helping to achieve,” says Rodrigo Marambio, CEO of Kidsbook.

The startup CEO highlights the similarity between the Peruvian and Chilean markets, considering expansion as an aggressive strategy.

Marambio points out that the platform offers a valuable solution for the industry, especially when observing that digital processes in the Peruvian market are one step behind compared to the neighboring country.

“Kidsbook adapts to the different organizations and cultures of educational centers, being able to choose, for example, the viewing permissions and actions to be taken by different users of educational centers,” emphasizes the platform on its website.

With more than 1,500 teachers already registered on its platform, benefiting more than 11,200 children, and with a presence in 201 private daycare centers, as well as in 35 public ones, Kidsbook is preparing to expand in the Peruvian market, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the country for innovative projects.