MassChallenge reveals 10 technology startups participating in Facebook Accelerator CDMX 2019

Masschallenge Reveals 10 Technology Startups Participating In Facebook Accelerator Cdmx 2019 Masschallenge Reveals 10 Technology Startups Participating In Facebook Accelerator Cdmx 2019
masschallenge reveals 10 technology startups participating in facebook accelerator cdmx 2019

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Contxto – Personal training, mentorship, and exposure to potential investors. Like a timeless venture capital recipe, these factors will surely help the following 10 early-stage technology startups evolve into stardom at MassChallenge’s Facebook Accelerator CDMX 2019.

Running from November 12 to February 21, this alliance aims to assist fledgling tech companies with Mexican operations to take their products and services to the next level. Part of this entails optimizing their tools and embracing their high-growth potential. 

As such, the MassChallenge acceleration program will focus on the training part of programming, while Facebook will provide direct tech support to entrepreneurs. This includes web-based tools to improve transactions and measure metrics. 

Not only do both intend to assist participants in achieving business goals but to also fortify Mexico’s economy. 

“This type of collaboration between accelerators and corporations help cement the economic development of our country,” said Camila Lecaros, Managing Director of MassChallenge México, in a recent press release. 

“The entrepreneurship environment will be highly benefited by the collaboration between Facebook and MassChallenge Mexico.”

As the program is now in full swing, take a look at the following startups involved in this year’s cohort:


Philosophically PostCenter believes that satisfied customers come from valuable interactions. Hence, its omnichannel platform allows clients to synchronize various digital communication formats. This way, partners can better provide immediate support whether for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, live webchat, email, or CRM. 


Some cosmetic brands use more natural methods and ingredients than others, but Biutest certainly promotes the purest. In this sense, the platform provides a marketplace for authentic and organic Mexican wellness products, such as geranium tea tree moisturizing serums. 


The creation of intelligent companies and guarantee of more online sales are BotBit’s modus operandi. To achieve this, the company ensures that digital stores are fully equipped to make more conversions. At the same, it provides data to partners to make wiser business decisions. 


Plan your next getaway according to both your style and budget over Jubel’s digital trip planner. With personalization as a key factor, the Mexican-Uruguayan company has administered over 2,000 experiences with high customer satisfaction rates. Even surprise adventures are available for all of those spontaneous travelers out there.

Last June, this startup made Contxto headlines for being offered US$300,000 on the hit television series, Shark Tank. While investors were impressed with Jubel’s use of AI and proprietary database, in the end, the startup declined the funds, according to CEO and co-founder Jose Pablo Toscano in exclusive email correspondence.


What do you get when your pair AI with cameras? Hyper-accurate location services, of course. Knowing this, Scape leverages emergent computer vision technology into camera devices, making them able to recognize their surroundings at an unprecedented scale. 


As citizens of Mexico and many parts of Latin America still lack financial services, Vexi offers credit to those without any checking income. With the Vexi card in hand, customers can make both on and offline purchases. In case of emergency, users can turn their card off with just a click of a button. 


Festivals, concerts, sports, or even standup comedy. You name the type of event, and most likely, Boletia has you covered. This platform provides a spectrum of entertainment while also showcasing individual venues across Mexico City and even Guadalajara.


Recently showcased on Contxto for its undisclosed funding round, now the proptech Homie is back for another appearance. Determined to reinvent the Mexican housing market, the startup currently operates in over 100 cities. Next year, it also anticipates managing 15,000 properties. 


Also falling under the proptech sector is Perfilan, a digital platform trying to accelerate digital real estate sales in Mexico and across the region. In essence, the startup works with affiliates wanting to increase their prospects for successful conversions and liquidity.


Even Mexico’s telecommunication industry is prone to disruption, made evident by Simplii and its product offerings. Specifically, this company provides extended 4G LTE coverage across the country, combining two of the principal networks for better service. 


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