If football is your passion and you’ve always had the soul of a sports promoter, one of those who would break the market with the best signings in the exclusive world of professional player transfers, your moment has come and now you can make it a reality, thanks to Mercado Pago.

Currently, it has become tangible, at least with this significant initial advancement in that direction. Anyone outside the football realm can acquire shares in the transfer market.

Mercado Pago has put its first fintech token in the company’s history up for sale on its platform, focusing on online services and transactions. Marcos Galperin, the CEO of the company, achieves this in collaboration with the Spanish startup Win Investments, which provides the opportunity for anyone to invest in the transfer market of professional football players.

“With Mercado Pago, we have developed a partnership that has allowed us to be the first fintech to sell tokens through the platform. This helps us democratize Win and enables many more people to invest easily and safely,” explained Valentin Jaremtchuk, co-founder and CEO of Win Investments.

Finally, the dream that had been envisioned has materialized, and the first sale of a token from this Spanish startup has been successfully completed. It is worth noting that this operation has received the endorsement and validation of Mercado Pago, providing a confidence element for many users of electronic payment platforms.

Furthermore, the sale was conducted through the primary online payment application. With this new format, anyone interested can acquire digital assets with the aim of democratizing financing and expanding investment opportunities through participation in the sale rights of professional football players.

The strategic alliance between Win Investments and Mercado Pago aims to expand an investment ecosystem for the benefit of both clubs and investors in the region. In this regard, the pioneer in betting on growth and expansion of operations was the Comisión de Actividades Infantiles (C.A.I) de Comodoro Rivadavia club.

This professional football club was the first to take the initial step and tokenize its players through this platform. Thanks to the sale of 6,130 tokens already made, the entity has generated revenues worth EUR$4.2 million.

“Tokens of the five players we chose alongside Win have been placed. The footballers were selected for their trajectory, transfer potential, and other aspects we evaluated,” detailed Karina Thomas, general manager of C.A.I.

“Players with a very promising present, and that led people to invest. Beyond the received financing, which is significant, the most important thing for us is that we have a new developed and functioning business unit that generates income,” added the club.

The significant advantage generated by this collaboration is that, before formalizing this partnership, C.A.I., like any other football training club, received income only when a player was transferred and rights to transfers were obtained.

However, through the Win platform, investment accelerates the process by tokenizing and offering these rights as an investment opportunity to potential buyers.

Additionally, payment through Mercado Pago is delivered in advance to the club. This acceleration of the process is achieved because the operation is internationally funded by the Win Investments application.

Once the tokens are acquired, if a player is transferred, the profits are distributed among the holders of these digital assets, benefiting both the club and the investor users. Currently, there are more than 100 investors who have purchased tokens corresponding to C.A.I players at a cost of 1 euro per unit.

“We are very happy to make this payment that validates a model that until now was theoretical but today has become a reality in practice. All tokenized players had tremendous performance and have not yet been transferred.

“When that happens, the people who bet and invested will become the first shareholders of a transfer market as ordinary people. This is unprecedented,” stated the Win CEO.

Furthermore, the fintech emphasizes the significant advantage this collaboration represents for a company with a solid worldwide track record and recognition, primarily supported by user trust.

The Comisión de Actividades Infantiles also emphasizes that the revenues obtained from the sale of the tokens allow them to continue with the training of new talents and strengthen competition in the football realm.