Nax Solutions expands its innovative agricultural technology to Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil

Nax Solutions continues to solidify its presence and reputation in the world of agricultural technology, bringing innovations that promise to revolutionize the industry on a global scale.
Nax Solutions agtech Spain
Agtechs are transforming the field | Photo: Asynos.

The innovative startup from Alicante, Nax Solutions, known for its technological solutions aimed at agricultural efficiency, continues to expand globally. Recently, they have taken their technology to Mexico, closely collaborating with the Grupo Azucarero del Trópico to implement innovative agrarian models.

In April, they introduced a sugarcane moisture monitoring model with laboratory-comparable precision, allowing farmers to reduce costs associated with pre-harvest sampling.

Colombia has also witnessed the technological advancement of Nax Solutions. Working with the agro-industrial company Incauca, which specializes in sugar cane by-products, Nax has trained sugarcane suppliers in artificial intelligence. This training focuses on maximizing the use of data to optimize crop management.

The implementation of this technology has revolutionized Incauca’s work methodology, which aspires to lead the adoption of these innovations, relying on satellite images provided by Nax.

During their participation in the Tecnicaña Congress in Colombia, the Alicante startup highlighted its collaboration with Incauca. With the adoption of their solutions, Incauca has significantly improved its agricultural processes, making informed decisions in real-time, resulting in optimized production and cost reduction.

Brazil has also embraced Nax Solutions’ technology. The Alicante startup signed an agreement in 2022 with Satlantis, aiming to combine efforts in remote sensing for precision agriculture. This agreement culminated in the “Nax powered by Satlantis” project, which aims to develop value-added solutions for satellite precision agriculture. This innovative drive led them to win one of the awards from the DayOne Open Innovation Program promoted by CaixaBank.

Expanding horizons, the EU-India Innovation Center selected Nax Solutions to strengthen its presence in India, supporting its market entry and facilitating the creation of a robust local network. With deep expertise in program design in Europe and internationally, this center offers comprehensive support, from personalized advice to business coaching.

Founded by Beatriz Sanchis and Caleb De Bernardis, Nax Solutions has been recognized since its inception. In 2017, they were awarded the UA Impulse Awards. Aarón de Bernardis, playing a crucial role as founder and Business Director, has ensured that the company’s success lies in its research and collaboration with the Signals and Systems Group of the University of Alicante.

Agricultural technology has seen a significant surge in Latin America in recent years, which is unsurprising given the benefits the field offers due to the region’s geographical conditions. According to a study by the IDB titled Agtech Innovation Map in Latin America and the Caribbean, there are 20 million farms in LatAm and the Caribbean, with an average size of 50 hectares. Additionally, 14.1% of the region’s workforce is employed in agriculture, undoubtedly fertile ground for innovation in the agtech sector.

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