Two decades ago, within the offices of a telecommunications company in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a friendship was forged that would change the course of technological services in Latin America. Maximiliano Giacri and Fernando Zerbini shared a passion for technology and a desire to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship. “Our common ground is technology, but above all, our complementary skills, transparency, and communication,” both founders exclusively stated in context.

After years of industry experience, they established their own company in May 2012 under the name Soluciones Globales IT. Their mission was clear: to provide global infrastructure technology solutions in areas such as IT services, databases, cloud computing, networks, and infrastructure.

Five years later, in 2017, Nubiral was born as a natural evolution of their vision. They started with a modest team of 15 to 20 collaborators in a coworking space, and today, they employ over 150 professionals across six Latin American countries. Their initial motto, “great teams, great results,” has remained unchanged and has allowed them to become strategic allies of their clients, assisting them in digital transformation and innovation to advance their businesses and create a better future through innovation and technology. “Our mission is to create a better future through innovation and technology,” they affirm.

Transformative Technology

In a market that reached a value of USD $4.12 billion in 2021, according to the EMR Latin American Software as a Service (SaaS) Market Outlook study, Nubiral stands out for its four main business areas: Data and innovation, Hybrid Multicloud, DevOps & App Evolution, and Monitoring & Intelligence. However, what truly sets them apart is their focus on data analysis, machine learning, and generative artificial intelligence.

“These services empower companies to explore vast datasets, anticipate future trends, make proactive decisions, and generate unique content and applications,” explains Maximiliano and Fernando.

In a world where data is paramount, Nubiral enables companies not only to understand the past but also to foresee the future and adapt swiftly to an ever-changing business environment at a time when the SaaS sector projects a compound annual growth rate of 7.50%.

Challenging the Latin American Market

EY’s study, “Challenges and Trends for Companies in Latin America,” highlights that companies in Latin America are grappling with a complex economic scenario characterized by high inflation and limited economic growth. Moreover, they are contending with growing geopolitical instability affecting global market stability. Additionally, they must address the specific challenges of the countries in which they operate.

In the face of this panorama, over more than a decade of operation, Nubiral has served over 100 clients across a wide range of industries, from automotive to healthcare and financial services, thanks to its value proposition, which is based on technical expertise, personalized approach, and the ability to enhance the customer experience.

“The rise of digital transformation has led to exponential growth in the use of data in companies, driving demand for services like those offered by Nubiral,” note both entrepreneurs.

With a team of over 80 highly certified specialists, Nubiral tackles technological challenges with confidence and efficiency. Moreover, their focus on personalization and improving the customer experience through data analysis enables companies to offer more engaging and relevant experiences.

Delivering Value and Strategic Alliances

With an initial capital of USD $500,000, Nubiral has experienced significant growth, achieving revenues of USD $8 million in 2022 and projecting USD $14 million in 2023. Nubiral offers value through a highly personalized service model. They delve deep into their client’s business challenges and work closely to identify and provide technological solutions tailored to their needs.

The company collaborates with key allies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), Zabbix, Google Cloud, and Oracle to deliver high-quality solutions. Furthermore, their model of continuous reinvestment has allowed Nubiral to strike a balance between revenues and costs in its operations across various Latin American countries and from the United States.

Regarding this, Maximiliano and Fernando explain, “We operate in both markets. Each has its peculiarities. However, technological acceleration and the need for innovation are global, allowing the company to succeed in both markets.”

A Future Within Reach of Data

Nubiral aims to consolidate its global presence, focusing on growth in the countries it already operates and expansion into Chile in the short term. The company is also committed to expanding its Center of Excellence in Generative AI.

Currently, the company works with startups in the financial sector, helping them harness the opportunities of digital transformation. They focus on Open Banking, API interface integrations, and the DevOps development model.

Nubiral plans to continue growing and expanding its presence in Latin America and beyond. Their focus on the Center of Excellence in Generative AI and their commitment to personalization and improving the customer experience are key pillars of their long-term strategy. With their ongoing success, “Nubiral is proving that Latin America is fertile ground for technological innovation and entrepreneurship,” conclude the executives.