Peru hosts Venture Capital Conference 2023 to transform and boost LatAm startups

On November 29 and 30, the Peru Venture Capital Conference 2023 will be held, featuring investors and venture capital funds.
Venture Capital Conference Peru Venture Capital Conference Peru
Image: Venture Capital Conference

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The current landscape of startups and technological ventures is undergoing significant transformation. These emerging companies, known for their innovative approach to products and services, are reshaping entire industries with disruptive business models. A crucial aspect of their growth is raising capital through investment rounds and financing from early stages, which is essential for their development and scalability. In this context, Peru hosts the Venture Capital Conference 2023, aimed at continuing to drive the startup ecosystem in the region.

A report from the Peruvian Association of Seed Capital and Entrepreneurs (PECAP) highlights impressive growth in investment in Peruvian startups. In the last three years, more than USD $300 million has been invested, six times more than in the previous three years. PECAP’s Board of Directors emphasizes the importance of having adequate budgets at all stages of a startup’s development, from the conception of the business idea to the launch of the product or service.

Data from Crunchbase reveal a surge in investment in Latin American startups, with an 8% increase in funding in the third quarter, totaling approximately USD $700 million. This increase underlines the growing relevance of the sector in the region, though there is still a way to go.

Indeed, to provide a broader perspective, it is vital to look back at 2021, a benchmark year for investment in Latin America, with a record USD $13 billion invested in startups. In contrast, the first three quarters of 2023 saw only USD $2 billion invested in the region.

Venture Capital Conference 2023

The 8th edition of the Peru Venture Capital Conference will be held on November 29 and 30. This two-day event expects to attract more than 800 participants, including entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and business leaders. Topics such as current trends in venture capital in Latin America and the world will be addressed, with particular attention to impact investment and approaches to gender and diversity. Learning and networking opportunities will also be offered, with panels, keynote speeches, pitch competitions, and workshops.

Among the notable speakers will be Elizabeth Yin from Hustle Fund, Brian Requarth from Latitud and Shark Tank Mexico, Greg Horowitt, a renowned investor and author, Carolina Huaranca from First Close Partners, Rogelio de Los Santos from Dalus Capital, and Daniella Raffo from VelezReyes+, representative of the founder’s foundation of Nubank, among others.

For those interested in participating or learning more about the event, the Peruvian Association of Seed Capital and Entrepreneurs – PECAP, a non-profit organization representing seed capital investors in Peru, will provide additional details. Its mission is to foster investment growth in technological and innovative ventures. The presence of key figures at the event highlights the importance of these meetings in strengthening and developing the startup ecosystem in the region.

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