QMATCH from Chile lands US$500,000 seed round

Qmatch From Chile Lands Us$500,000 Seed Round Qmatch From Chile Lands Us$500,000 Seed Round
qmatch from chile lands us$500,000 seed round

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Contxto – Last Monday, Argentina’s Alaya Capital Partners revealed its recent investment in QMATCH. The Chilean startup raised US$500,000 in a seed round led by Alaya and joined by Dadneo’s Fondo Vulcano.

In summary

Founded in 2017, the Chilean startup provides a market intelligence tool for eCommerce clients. Using machine learning, the company’s platform scraps the web, analyzing and reporting on specific goods to customer companies. 

With this information, QMATCH helps companies fine-tune operations and decision-making. The platform is able to provide information from a wide variety of goods, such as pricing, categorization and product promotions displayed through a dashboard or a connecting API.

QMATCH’s main objective is to keep its customers informed about their market conditions, whether they be brands, retailers or marketplaces. It also keeps tabs on competitors to generate competitive advantages for its end customers.


 “We have seen tools related to the eCommerce industry that were suggestive but what Qmatch has developed in a short time is very powerful in terms of technology,” said Ximena Henriquez, Chile’s country manager for Alaya Capital Partners. 

Allegedly, QMATCH’s platform helps partnered companies increase sales, competitiveness and customer loyalty by being able to observe the competition worldwide. According to an Alaya Capital Partners release, it is able to help businesses increase margins and optimize eCommerce strategies.

Currently, they have taken one of their closest competitors off the track and that made us stop and look in detail at what they were doing. In addition, the team is very solid and experienced in tech startups.

Ximena Henriquez

The fresh funds will reportedly go towards strengthening QMATCH’s automation technology as well as increasing commercial capabilities. The startup intends to add more features and indicator modules to provide more precise reports to customers. 

In the short-term, the company wants to land more clients in both Chile and even more importantly, Mexico.

Eventually, QMATCH also wants to expand its service offerings to other Latin American markets such as Colombia, Argentina, Panama and Brazil. Ultimately, its goal is to raise a Series A in hopes of venturing into the U.S. market.


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