Climate risk startup Reask has raised USD$4.6 million in its latest seed round, co-led by Mastry Ventures and Collaborative Fund. Other contributors included Macdoch Ventures and Tencent, along with pre-seed investors SV Angel and Hawktail.

Reask specializes in providing high-resolution weather risk analytics and forecasting to assess extreme weather events worldwide. By leveraging AI and multiple climate data sources, the company develops proprietary weather modeling algorithms that offer dynamic and forward-looking assessments of atmospheric risk. This is particularly valuable for insurers and asset managers who often rely on less reliable methods based on static historical statistics.

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The funding will be used by Reask to expand hazard coverage and grow its international team, allowing them to better serve customers in emerging markets. Reask’s technology focuses on tropical cyclones, which have caused over $1 trillion in global economic damage in the past decade, with less than half being insured. With the anticipated intensification of cyclone impacts due to climate change, the risk to organizations worldwide is increasingly urgent.

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How does this benefit venture capital firms?

  • High return potential. Climate and risk technology startups have the potential to generate high returns for investors. Of course, if the technology is real, right E. Holmes? If these companies succeed in developing successful and scalable solutions, they can capture a significant portion of the market and generate substantial profits.
  • Access to disruptive technology. Venture capital firms gain early access to disruptive technologies and innovative approaches that can have a transformative impact on the industry. If the technology is too far to be created, at least you have the rights on the intellectual property. This allows them to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and seize new investment opportunities.
  • Strategic positioning. By investing in startups related to climate risk, venture capital firms can strategically position themselves in a growing sector. Climate change and sustainability are increasingly important topics, and supporting companies that address these challenges can strengthen the reputation and investment portfolio of a venture capital firm. Industries such as mining, nautical transport, air transport or even the agricultural sector, are a very important potential market.

What benefits can Reask offer to Fintech startups?

  • Collaboration and partnership. Startups can seek collaboration and partnership opportunities with Reask to leverage its expertise and technology in climate risk analysis. This can allow them to enhance their own solutions and services by incorporating Reask’s climate modeling and risk analysis capabilities into their offerings.
  • Access to investors and networks. By partnering with Reask, startups can gain access to the company’s network of investors and contacts. This can open up opportunities for additional funding and establish relationships with other key players in the industry.
  • Validation and credibility. By associating with Reask, startups can gain additional validation and credibility in the market. The endorsement from a recognized company in the field of climate risk analytics can instill trust among customers and other business partners, helping startups gain traction and expand more rapidly.

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