Review: Cornershop, the delivery app simplifying grocery shopping

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping
review: cornershop, the delivery app simplifying grocery shopping

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Contxto – Delivery Service apps are a booming business nowadays, and when it comes to grocery shopping, Cornershop is leading the revolution. With this app, you can order everything you need for your pantry.

This incredibly successful startup currently operates in Mexico, Chile, Peru and Canada. From what I can tell, it’s definitely the go-to delivery app for supermarket supplies. Keeping this in mind, I decided to test out Cornershop for this week’s review.

Now, let’s see what it’s got to offer. 

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping

Start stacking the pantry

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping

We all know that going to the supermarket can be time-consuming and a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, this startup is here to make our lives easier. With Cornershop, keeping your pantry stocked will no longer be a problem. The app is sure to be a lifesaver and a timekeeper.

You can start using Cornershop as soon as you download it onto your phone. Create an account and add a delivery address. Afterward, it’s just a matter of choosing a store and adding as many items as you wish to your cart. 

The stores displayed on the app vary depending on the user’s location. For example, I’m located in Guadalajara, Mexico, which I noticed didn’t have as many options as other cities. Guadalajara has more “mainstream” supermarkets and big chain stores like Walmart, Costco, and Superama but not many local shops. 

Unlike Guadalajara, places like Mexico City and Toronto showcase a greater variety of businesses through the app. This includes more specialty stores like flower shops, wine markets, chocolate as well as coffee shops and even toy stores.

Of course, all of this depends on how many businesses sign up for Cornershop‘s app, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Nevertheless, the platform still had much to offer. The largest stores in my city were listed, so I could get everything I needed. 

Shopping lists

Creating a grocery shopping list has never been easier! Navigate through different aisles and pick out the products that best fit your needs. It’s like being in the store but with the perk of having someone else do the work for you. 

Cornershop makes everything run smoothly by allowing users to create shopping lists for any occasion. Want to throw a party? Just create a list and share it with friends. That way, everyone gets what they want and planning for your get-together gets easier.

Beside making group lists, another great feature is the ability to switch between them. All items remain in their corresponding list until the order is placed. You can also add items to the cart whenever you wish.

So, have fun and create as many lists as you want!

Product selection

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping

What makes Cornershop provide such a valuable customer experience is the possibility of accessing all stocked products with the exact characteristics the client needs.  

Browse through different aisles and pick each and every one of the items you require. Also, rest assured your order will be delivered exactly as you wanted. 

For example, to order bananas, you specify how many kilos or pieces are needed. You can also define if you want them to still be a bit green or you want them yellow and ready to eat. Personally, I loved being able to get grocery products like fruit and other perishable items the way I like them. 

Also, keep an eye out for special offers! As you surf Cornershop, you’ll notice different offers for various products in some shops. These might lower delivery costs for that order or add credit to spend on the app. 

Either way, it’s a good thing to pay close attention. Plus, Cornershop has special offers on Tuesdays, at least that’s how it works in Guadalajara. 

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping

Place your order 

When you’ve checked everything off your shopping list and it’s most convenient for you, you can go ahead and click on the “place order” button.

Note that the app will display all the items on the list divided by the stores you chose them from. This means that there will be a different delivery for each shop. 

As I mentioned before, there may or may not be a delivery charge for one or more stores from your list, depending on the special offer that’s available.

The final step is to pick a delivery schedule. This will affect the delivery cost depending on the time and location you’ve specified. It’s important to note that besides the delivery cost, you’re charged an additional 10 percent fee for the total value of your order.

Delivery process

As soon as the order is placed, Cornershop will assign a delivery person to retrieve it. In the meantime, the app informs users of the delivery status.

Besides letting people know how the order is doing or if there’s an inconvenience with any of the listed items, the shopper in charge will personally call the client. This is done to notify shoppers that a product is sold-out or for clarification purposes. 

I would dare to say that Cornershop is truly a customer-centric company. The startup shows that it cares about its clients and wants to make sure everything runs smoothly. Compared to other delivery apps, I was pleased with the service provided by Cornershop

I want to give brownie points to this startup. Despite the fact that I ordered from two stores, Costco and Walmart, the two different deliverers that came to my door were both wearing Cornershop‘s red t-shirt. Talk about professional. 

Then there’s the fact that my goods were delivered in recyclable paper bags. Simultaneously, heavier items like milk cartons came in cloth bags branded with the company’s logo. After all, taking care of our planet is super important.

Regarding the status of the products, everything was perfectly packed and in good shape.  

Payment methods

Even though people are getting more and more used to placing credit card data on websites or apps, for some, it’s still daunting. Thankfully, Cornershop allows customers to pay through PayPal for enhanced security.

Adding to its convenience, payments using grocery vouchers are also possible. However, this varies depending on the country in which you live, as well as your location within the city.

Publish your store

Cornershop wants both local and chain stores to provide their service to clients. That’s why signing up as a store owner is a very simple process. Do so over the app or directly on Cornershop’s website

Registering your shop’s information takes just a few minutes. Besides, the only fee is a 15 percent commission for each order. Nothing more.  

The startup assures transparency in transactions and reimburses owners on a weekly basis. This could definitely be a great opportunity to grow sales and increase market penetration. 

Review: Cornershop, The Delivery App Simplifying Grocery Shopping

Cornershop POP

If you loved the app as much as I did, signing up for Cornershop POP is the way to go. Choose between a yearly, biannual or monthly subscription and start saving. 

As a Cornershop POP member, all delivery costs go down to zero. Plus, any special offers that slash delivery costs will be added as credit to your account. Spend it any way you like in available stores. 

Final thoughts

I must say, I really liked the app and found it to be practical and convenient to use. Specifying how you want your products and choosing delivery times makes users have a great and personalized customer experience. 

The only recommendation I would give Cornershop is to provide clients with the option of saving their product preferences. That way, when ordering bananas, I won’t have to specify all over again how I want them.

Other than that, the app worked perfectly and all products were delivered correctly. 


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