Ripio drives Web3 innovation with nine startups selected for its acceleration program in LatAm

Ripio announces its Web3 acceleration program in Latin America, highlighting startups from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay among the selected.
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Ripio has officially launched its Web3 startup acceleration program, specifically focusing on Latin America. After evaluating 70 projects from 12 countries,  Trexx, a Brazilian startup dedicated to blockchain-based games, has been among the nine selected in the program’s inaugural edition. In this next step, Ripio will provide mentorship and support for implementing LaChain technology in Trexx’s game development project.

Heloisa Passos, CEO of Trexx, emphasizes the importance of each recognition gained in acceleration processes, considering them significant steps toward consolidating their position as one of the leading players in the Latin American sector. She highlights that building relationships with other creators and the community is the most valuable aspect of this process.

“Each acceleration process or award that Trexx wins is another step in consolidating ourselves as one of the main players in the sector in Latin America. The most important thing during this process is the relationships we are building with other builders and the community,” comments Heloisa Passos, CEO of Trexx.

Trexx, being the only Brazilian startup selected, has accumulated several international awards and has been invited to participate in seven additional acceleration programs worldwide, including Argentina, Japan, and Singapore.

Among the other eight startups selected in this program are diverse projects such as the Uruguayan startup CryptoPagos, focused on cryptographic payments; the Spanish Fungi Protocol, which concentrates on creating decentralized funds; the Argentine Paydece, dedicated to the decentralized P2P marketplace; the Spanish Latam Wap Dex, developing a decentralized exchange on LaChain; Simple Pago, from Argentina, creating an NFC system for cryptocurrency payments; Ultradrop from Uruguay, focused on digital collectibles; and Talo Pay, the third Argentine startup in the program dedicated to QR code payment processing.

Finally, it is worth noting that Ripio has established itself as one of Latin America’s leading crypto-asset platforms, with a user base exceeding 2 million and a monthly transaction volume exceeding USD $200 million.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News