These are the 10 energy startups that will receive US$3 million from ISA and Rockstart

This is the first acceleration program for early-stage energy ventures in Latin America.
ISA-Rockstart-Energy Startups ISA-Rockstart-Energy Startups
ISA-Rockstart-Energy Startups

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ISA and Rockstart are joining forces to accelerate energy startups and provide them with unprecedented opportunity. The collaboration between the renowned Latin American electric sector company, ISA, and the prestigious startup accelerator, Rockstart, has led to the creation of the first acceleration program dedicated to early-stage energy ventures.

After an intense four-month acceleration period and an exciting Demo Day, during which entrepreneurs presented their innovative investment proposals, over 78 successful connections were established between the ten selected startups and a valuable network of investors and corporations.

According to both companies, these connections have not only opened doors for future strategic alliances but have also catalyzed the establishment of an initial fund by Rockstart dedicated to investing in this promising sector.

The ten participating startups in this pioneering program have begun negotiations with investors to raise up to US$3 million in financing, either through equity or debt. These investments represent a clear recognition of the potential and viability of the projects driven by the program, highlighting the support received for the development and scalability of these companies.

The startups chosen by ISA and Rockstart are:

  1. Nocenergy (Energy Decarbonization and Optimization). NOCenergy develops cutting-edge technology to decarbonize industrial energy processes. Their plug-and-play AI-assisted solution allows customers to optimize resource usage based on access, availability, and price.
  2. BATx (Energy Storage). BATx specializes in the reuse, refurbishment, and utilization of prematurely discarded batteries, providing energy storage solutions through their second-life approach.
  3. Rocasol (Logo Renewable Energies). Rocasol is a one-stop-shop for solar energy in LatAm, bringing together all stakeholders in the residential and commercial solar energy sector, facilitating project success.
  4. PowerP (Logo Energy Efficiency). PowerP offers an industrial cloud for the energy sector, providing software-as-a-service solutions to accelerate the energy transition. Their reliable, secure, and efficient software solutions simplify and speed up the transition to sustainable energy.
  5. Soluna Energia (Renewable Energies). Soluna provides solar energy-as-a-service for homes without access to reliable electricity. They guarantee energy access for off-grid rural regions through single-family solar systems.
  6. Bono(Trend: Energy Efficiency). Bono offers carbon footprint calculation and reduction software. They are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of large and small industries through software-as-a-service solutions and a decarbonization services marketplace.
  7. Smart Internal Mobility (Electromobility). MUB is a mobility-as-a-service platform aiming to sustainably increase productivity related to transporting materials, objects, and people within large facilities, campuses, and smart cities using electric vehicles.
  8. Uptime Analytics(Energy Efficiency). UA optimizes the operational and energy efficiency of industrial equipment using artificial intelligence. They specialize in reducing energy consumption and emissions in industries through advanced analytics models.
  9. Adintelo(Smart Grids). Adintelo has developed a computer vision system with cameras that addresses the three main challenges faced by companies involved in electric transmission line maintenance: fire detection, infrastructure theft detection, and identification of vegetation near the lines.
  10. Hakuna (Electromobility). Hakuna offers urban electric vehicles for LatAm, designed with a circular economy approach, promoting a lifestyle more than just a product.

According to a 2022 Lavca report, “renewables are being the focus of private equity investments so far in 2022. These doubled in the first half from US$616 million in 2021 to US$1.3 billion this year, according to a report by Lavca, a private equity association in Latin America.”

Electricity demand trends vary by geographic area. (Source: IEA)

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Why is it relevant for energy startups in LatAm?

  • Climate change has led various governments around the world, as well as international companies, to undertake campaigns to reduce their carbon footprint and participate in the creation of new renewable energies for the sustainability of the planet. According to the International Energy Agency, their share of the global power generation mix is expected to increase from 29% in 2022 to 35% in 2025, with a drop in the share of coal- and gas-fired generation.
  • Collaborative initiatives provide energy startups with access to resources, mentorship and networking opportunities with industry experts, investors and potential partners.
  • The energy transition is driving technological advances in the sector. This translates into an opportunity for startups seeking sustainability.

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