Zendesk has introduced its CX Inteligente concept to enhance customer experience, using artificial intelligence (AI) and Generative AI. The strategy focuses on providing personalized and empathetic customer care, which is particularly relevant today, given the increased investment in artificial intelligence in Latin America.

Zendesk’s recent collaboration with OpenAI opens new doors for improving customer experience. At the same time, data from the OECD’s AI Policy Observatory in 2022 show a growing trend in AI investment in Latin America. Financial and insurance services were the primary recipients of venture capital in AI in three of the seven Latin American countries included in the study. This industry accounted for all the money invested in AI startups in Peru. In Chile, Fintech and Insurtech companies secured 53% of AI investments that year, while in Colombia, they reached 38%.

In Mexico, the logistics, retail, and wholesale industrieses emerged as the maibeneficiariesry, receiving 56% of venture capital in AI. Argentina and Brazil focused on IT infrastructure startups, dominating the landscape with 58% and 38% of the total money invested in AI companies, respectively. Lastly, Uruguay’s business process and support services sector received 100% of these investments.

VC investment in artificial intelligence in Latin America
VC investment in artificial intelligence in Latin America. (Source: Statista)

These figures highlight the growing importance of artificial intelligence in the region and how Zendesk aligns with these trends, using AI to improve customer care. Walter Hidebrandi, CTO of Zendesk for Latin America, emphasized that CX Inteligente offers a frictionless experience, blending personalization and task automation.

Zendesk’s innovation is also reflected in its collaboration with Meta’s WhatsApp and Shopify, allowing closer connections with buyers throughout their digital journey—this response to consumers’ demand for more personalized and smooth experiences in conversational commerce.