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Startups will have to amp up their game to win users over, says fintech Dank’s CEO

Contxto – Fintechs are experiencing first-hand just how Covid-19 is expediting the use of electronic payments, e-wallets, and every other solution that can be done with as little contact as possible.  Although according to Chilean fintech Dank’s CEO and co-Founder, Herbert Schulz, it’s only the beginning of something bigger—though not necessarily easier. A domino effect […]

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Acqui-hiring: Latin American companies’ best digital strategy for the Covid era

Today we had our Morning Coffee with Dario Palacio Isaza, CEO and Founder of SINDYK. Contxto – Digital acceleration already is an immediate reality in all industries and companies. Covid-19 separated governments, industries, companies, and people, creating a gap between those who are digital from those who are not. Many of these individuals, whom we´ll […]

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MindCotine scores US$230,000 just in time to get at-risk smokers to quit before Covid gets them

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedd] Contxto – People are sick of hearing of those who don’t take the novel coronavirus seriously because of its low mortality rate within certain demographics. The focus has mostly been on the risk faced by the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions. But, it turns out if you’re a smoker, you […]

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As Latam balances protests and pandemics, Colombia launches Coronapp

[wd_hustle id=”InArticleOptin” type=”embedded”/] Contxto – As Covid-19 makes its way into Latin America, some countries more so than others are taking precautionary actions. Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador and lastly, Colombia, have all already seen their first cases of coronavirus. Colombia’s approach focuses on the prevention side. In fact, the country’s government is officially launching an app […]